Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Resurrection Sunday...Easter...On this blessed day may your hearts turn to Christ and the price He paid for us.

You see, He didn't have to give up His place at the Father's side in heaven. No He chose to. He didn't have to suffer and die a painful death here on earth. He chose that, too! All for us, because He knew it was the only way for a sinful world to ever be forgiven.

His time spent here was not a time of joy, but a time of trial, a time of suffering. He gave up the glory of heaven to come here and die on the cross so that one day we could go share His glorious home.

May you never forget
the true meaning of Easter,
the glorious gift given so long ago.
May this day remind you of the bright and shining future
that was bought for you,
not just that day on Calvary,
but when the stone was rolled away
and your freedom was secured.

May you cherish these
blessings on this Easter morning!