Saturday, April 16, 2011


High school sweethearts...I think we all remember that perfect couple. Everyone just knew they would make it, they would be together forever.

I had friends in college who were like that - Diane and Patrick. They were perfect for each other. Started as high school sweethearts, and yup, 30 years later, they're still together.

But what about the ones that didn't make it...the ones that broke up and went their separate ways. How many of them realized later in life that they missed their one and only - let the love of their lifetime get away. Would they grab a second chance if they had it?

So here's the challenge. If you can name the hero and heroine, and tell me when they broke up, or who did the breaking up, I will have my daughter pick a number, between 1 and 20, say 3, and the third one to get it right will get a free copy of Daffodils. (I know you haven't read it, but the following excerpt will help you figure it out.)


After dinner, everyone headed for their vehicles while Margaret smiled and waved her thanks. Once again, Lukas stood at her side, his shoulder brushing against hers as he smiled and waved alongside her as if they had both moved.

She took a deep breath and turned to him, studying his face as the last of the vehicles pulled out onto the street. Soft brown hair fell into his eyes, reminding her of the boy she once loved. She fisted her hand to keep from brushing it back for him like she had done so many times in the past.

Returning her look, Lukas took both her hands in his strong ones, smoothing her fist. He lifted a knuckle to her cheekbone, the gesture melting a small piece of her heart.

She had to remind herself his sympathy was ten years too late.

“I wish I could change the past, that things could have been different a long time ago.”

Margaret looked down at their hands and folded her fingers over his. She couldn’t deal with that discussion now…maybe ever. “We can’t change history. Ten years ago you made your choices.” She shrugged, holding herself stiff, her voice flat. “Let’s not dredge it up now. We were just kids.” She couldn’t go there. She would shatter if the wrong words were spoken. Dear Lord, give me strength. You promised not to give me more than I can handle, Lord. Well, I’m nearly there. Please…She turned away, blinking back tears.


White Rose Publishing 4/8/11


  1. Hi Donna, the hero and heroine were Margaret and Lucas and they broke up ten years ago. You are a new author to me so I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi. I look forward to reading this reunion story.
    Margaret and Lukas parted ten years earlier, and it sounds like Lukas left her. (I'm wondering why)

  3. Maegaret and Lucas and they broke up 10 years ago.


  4. Margaret and Lucas and they broke up ten years ago.
    Congratulations on book release!

  5. Ten years ago, Lukas North left (?) Margaret Ellington. Now, he wants her back in his life. Let's see how it all turns out! Can't wait to read it!

  6. 10 years ago Lukas and Margaret broke up because Lukas broke up with her....

  7. Good luck all! Thanks for stopping in!

  8. Wow! Donna, tons of emotion in that little scene. Daffodils is on my TBR list.

  9. Donna,

    I smile each time I see your book. You've worked hard for this day and I'm so proud of you!

    I'm planning on purchasing this book so I'm not going to answer the contest question. :)

  10. LOL, thanks JoAnn and Tanya, hope you love the story!

  11. Hi Donna! The hero and heroine were Margaret and Lukas and they broke up 10 yrs ago because Lukas broke up with her I think!

    Sounds like a great book! Thanks for a chance to win!


  12. Margaret and Lukas broke up ten years ago. Lukas made that choice.

  13. And the winner is....Courtney!!!!

    Sorry for the delay folks, I was away on vacation last week. Thank you all for responding!