Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kylie's Kiss Review

I know I've already told you a little about this story, but I just wanted to give you the full picture of this wonderful tale now that I've had a chance to write my review. Enjoy!

Kylie’s Kiss Review

Delia Latham

On a dare, Kylie Matthews lands smack in the middle of Solomon's Gate-Castle Creek's new Christian dating agency-and she finds herself revealing exactly what she's waiting for in a relationship: "The kiss that steals my breath away."

What she doesn't reveal is her lack of self-esteem or her irrational reaction to facial disfigurement. Neither is applicable to her quest to find the perfect match. But that seemingly superficial malady becomes all-important when her first agency-arranged date is Rick Dale-a man who is everything Kylie is searching for. He's handsome, smart, fun. Rick has it all...including an angelic six-year-old daughter with severe scarring on one side of her face.

Hard at work founding a therapy camp for young female victims of deformity or disfigurement, Rick wants Kylie to be a part of those plans. She'd love to say yes...but how can she, when every contact with the facility's guests-and Rick's own daughter-will make her violently ill?

Kylie is ready to admit their relationship doesn't stand a chance, but she's forgotten that God makes a way where there seems no way.

Well, first, I must say, I was not disappointed by this sequel to Destiny’s Dream. Ms. Latham has once again created characters that are near and dear to the heart.

Kylie’s true to life fears (after all, who isn’t afraid of something) make her very real. She’s the kind of character you just don’t know whether to love or hate at first. After all, how can she be so unfeeling to people who have to struggle through life facing their own deformities? But when you get right down to it, it’s not a choice she makes, to not be able to face imperfections, it’s what was unknowingly planted in her head by people who should have loved her, not judged her or compared her to anyone else—definitely a case of not judging someone else before you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up in her family.

Kylie definitely has a core of steel and a heart of gold. She’s a sweetheart underneath all her insecurities.

So just like Rick, once you get beyond her irrational reactions, you can see her heart of gold. And the way God uses Rick’s sweet daughter to help Kylie see with her heart, not just her eyes, is definitely a wonderful moment.

Once again, kudos to this author for bringing such a wonderful story to us. God bless you, Delia, keep them coming!


  1. As you can tell, Delia, I loved the story! God bless!

  2. Delia, what a wonderful review. Your writing is superb, for sure. You keep writing and we'll keep reading (and learning). God Bless you abundantly, my friend!

  3. Great review, Donna. Congrats, Delia, on an awesome book in KYLIE'S KISS. I loved it and look forward to reading so many more from you!

  4. Donna, I so appreciate your review! Yes, Kylie suffers tremendous embarrassment over her problem, especially because it makes her seem callous and unfeeling, which is anything but the truth! It's so dangerous to judge people when we don't know their stories...

    Mary, we'll learn from each other! :) I love your books, and continue to be amazed at how quickly you get them out there. I definitely need to borrow some of your energy!

    Dora, I'm so glad you enjoyed Kylie's Kiss! Right now, it's my favorite published book. lol (I laugh because each book is favorite right after it's released.)