Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kate's Kisses - A visit with Kate and Logan

Well, I'd like to welcome Mary Manners back and take another visit to the Sweet Treats Bakery as she ends this series. For those of you who haven't read any of them you really are missing a sweet treat. Just stop in each day this week and check them out. What a great little series this has been and I'll certainly miss this great family of characters!

"So, Mary, thanks for inviting me in to Sweet Treats to meet everyone! Hi Kate, Mattie...oh hey, Tessa, where's-"

"I'm here I'm here!" Grace announced as she let go of Adam's hand, her other hand leveling the cake she carried. Of course, Adam headed straight for the tray of cookies on the counter.

"Can I have one?" he asked with a smirk, batting his eyelashes.

Everyone laughed and Grace shook her head. "One." She raised her eyebrows. "You don't want another stomach ache."

His eyes went round and he shook his head. He carefully grabbed a napkin and one cookie then carried them to a small round table with crayons and papers on it.

Grace turned back to the group. "Where are the guys?"

Kate shrugged as she set some of her cherry kisses on the table. "Logan's due any minute."

Ms. Manners rose from the table. "I hope the rest of you don't mind, but we'd like a few words with Kate and Logan. After all, they did start all this."

"That's okay. We all have work to do anyway," Grace said as she stood and went behind the counter to grab an apron. "Let's get these orders ready before the crowd shows up."

The bell over the door rang and in stepped Mr. Tall, dark and handsome...and the way Kate's eyes lit up spoke volumes.

"Well, I know I can only take a few minutes of your time--"

Logan popped one of the chocolate covered cherries in his mouth and turned to Kate with a definite twinkle in his eye as he leaned over to kiss her. "Nope, they're still not as good as the real thing."

Ms. Manners fanned herself when Logan winked at us.

"So I here you want to ask us some questions?" he said as he sat next to Kate then lifted her off her chair onto his lap.

I took a quick sip of coffee to get my vocal chords working. "Yeah, I just wondered if you'd mind sharing the beginning of your story with us."

He smiled and glanced at Kate then back to me and Ms. Manners. "Well, that's not really very fun. You see, the beginning of the story had a very sad ending. Now the second half of the story is when it gets interesting."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, the first time around I--"

"We," Katie jumped in and wrapped his hand in hers. "We made some promises to each other when we were too young and we both got hurt." The heart melting look she turned on Logan was enough to set the place on fire. "But when he came back--"

"When I came back, I had to grovel--"

"You did not! You just--"

He turned to us and grinned. "I just had to convince her that this time we could get it right...and prove to her that I was home to stay." His hand brushed her hair back as he gazed into her eyes. "And that we both still loved each other."

I swallowed hard and Ms. Manners and I both stood to go. "Thank you so much for sharing some of your story with us. You are definitely blessed to have found each other again."

They both turned and smiled. "You don't even know the half of it!"


Following the tragic, sudden death of her parents, Kate Spencer broke off her engagement from high school sweetheart Logan Daniels, just weeks before their wedding. She chose, instead, to remain in Mount Ridge, Tennessee to raise her younger sisters and help keep the family together. Now, with her sisters grown, she spends her days at family-owned Sweet Treats Bakery, hiding a wounded heart in the sweet confections she creates. Logan Daniels left town when Kate broke his heart, but now he's come home to claim what he lost four years ago, and he won't stop until he gets what he came for...Kate's kisses.


Kate smelled the clean scent of Logan. Soap mingled with aftershave so familiar that it hurt. He turned to her, his eyes like two smooth stones beneath a tumble of dark hair. “Hi, Katie.”

“You’re gone nearly four years, and that’s all you have to say?” Tears burned her eyes, and she wasn’t
sure whether she wanted to drench him in a pan of simmering chocolate or throw her arms around him
and smother him with kisses. No one had called her Katie in years. In fact, no one ever called her Katie…except him.

“Wh‐what do you want, Logan?”

His gaze held hers for the longest moment, and then he motioned to the tray of sweet cherry kisses
she’d just finished preparing. “I’ll take a couple of those...for starters.”


And he means it - that's just for starters!

So what's a girl to do when she's pursued by a determined man who's great at fixing things - including her broken heart!

This is a definite winner. Great story! You don’t want to miss it!


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