Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Forever

Welcome back, Robin! Oh, I just love Christmas stories, and this one is so very sweet!


Jason hasn't seen Cami in three years. Now she's back, with the son he'd wanted to claim as his own. Can he believe her newly found faith or will she desert him, and God, again?


Jason Becker planted himself in front of his parents’ front window, arms crossed and feet spread wide. A drumming began behind his eyes, and he hoped his posture conveyed his irritation.

The source of it was coming up the front walk.

Camilla Marie Jones looked just like she had three years ago, the last time he’d seen her, with hips swaying under her long skirts as she walked. She’d always preferred skirts, even in the snow, and today was no exception. Through the flurried white haze, he could see her old purple car. Not the car itself, just the burst of color he’d always associated with her.

Cami looked up as she neared the porch, caught sight of him and slowed her pace. He didn’t think the cold was the only thing putting color on her cheeks.

Their gazes locked for a few seconds, until Jason looked away. Long, dark brown hair still fell halfway down her back. Her waist was still trim, though she had a child. For all he knew she could have more than one by now. She’d probably left him and gone straight back to Robbie’s father.

She held a round, covered dish in her gloved hands. Probably something his mother had told her to bring. Probably something special.

Jason closed his eyes for a brief moment and when he opened them, Cami was gone.

Cold air blasted his neck as his sister Joni answered the door, the chill settling like a blanket in the room. Or maybe it was the company causing the chill.

“Come in!” Joni said, behind him. “And let me take that. Umm, can’t wait to see what you made. Toss your coat on the old recliner. Mom likes it better when she can’t see the ragged old thing. Where’s Robbie?”

Jason refused to look. To listen. Instead, he studied the pattern of snowflakes falling in the front yard, keeping his back to Joni and Cami. That ragged old chair had been his father’s, and Jason knew his mother would never part with it.

Cami cleared her throat. “He went to his aunt and uncle’s for the weekend. I met Colt halfway, in Pennsylvania, and he took Robbie on to the inn. They won’t get to see Robbie for Christmas this year, and I figured he ought to spend some time with them now.” The heavy door closed, and Joni cleared her throat.

“Say hi to my big dumb brother while I put your dish in the kitchen. That’s his backside hovering over there by the window. Cup of coffee? Just cream, right?”


I just love second chance romances, and team that up with a Christmas story, what a winner. This is a beautiful story of two people struggling to move forward according to God's will. Cami has to swallow her pride and just hope that Jason can forgive her.

I loved it! The emotion just oozes through the pages on this one!

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