Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Lord's Day

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.
Luke 19:10

Happy Sunday!
Nothing better than being in the house of the Lord and
hearing a great message. I hope each of you enjoys your
day in God's house wherever you may be.

And if you don't have your own home church, or you couldn't
make it because you were sick, feel free to listen to mine.
Nothing like good preaching to heal us body and soul.

Today the preaching was about growing in faith by God's
grace. I wish I could share the music, too. I was part of an
instrumental ensemble this morning. We played Savior
Like a Shepherd Lead Us.


Did you get a good message today? Care to share it?
The Word of God is for us to share. Go ahead and leave
a comment. Maybe you have something
someone else needs to hear.


  1. Donna, what a huge blessing great "church" days are. I'm glad you were so blessed, and sharing the message just pays it forward. Thank you! Of course, ALL church visits are great -- but sometimes, it can't be helped, certain services hit home so strongly. We had just such a service this weekend as well. DH and I had just gotten really bad news from the "Tax Man" - and were feeling overwhelmed in the extreme. The message of our sermon and readings (which my hubby, as lector, read?) "Trust in God's provision - don't fear or be anxious..." I served as a eucharistic minister, and we had the chance to touch base with so many friends and church family members. Truly a blessed service. It really helped us :-)

  2. Last week we had an awesome service with lots of practial things I could apply to my life.

    This weekend however, wasn't the same. The morning started with me being unable to find my car keys, and I kinda just stayed in that "hurried" mode all morning. I still need to think through what the pastor said and read a bit more of my Bible to see what it is that God wanted me to learn today.

    Glad to hear you had a meaningful service though!

  3. Thank you, ladies, for sharing the blessings. Marianne, I always think it's wonderful when a message is so personal it feels like it's meant just for you, like He's talking to no one else. The funny part is that everyone hears what they need. Isn't God good!

    And JoAnn, I know just what you mean about those rushed mornings when it takes all day to soak up what came in between. It's when you hit that ahah moment that God will really touch you - and that may not come for days until something pops into your head that you heard in the preaching.

    But anything that pulls us into His word is good anyway!