Friday, July 22, 2011

Just the Way You Are

After Noelle’s heroic rescue of Mr. Jarvis and his cat, her unexpected reward, a true blessing from God, is a journey of a lifetime. She sets out on her journey hoping to gain an understanding of God’s will for her life. But God’s will often isn’t what we expect, what we’re willing to settle for in our limited understanding of true grace. Noelle hopes to gain peace , an acceptance of her circumstances in life, and to find simple joy in following God’s will.

When she meets Shane Thompson, it takes her a while to realize that God has so much more in His plan for her. As often as Shane reaches out to her, tries to show her that he’s truly interested in her, she continues to hide behind the scars, believing no one can see beyond them.

But God can, and so can Shane.

K.M.Daughters have written a wonderful story here. It tugs at the heart and draws you in, gives a deep understanding of a woman wounded in spirit just as deeply as the scars on the outside.

Kudos to the authors. I love Noelle’s soft, kind spirit and Shane’s generous, giving heart. I felt like I was there with them on the mountain, and felt their emotional pain in the valley.

There are so many blessings in this story, and such sweet joy in the journey that I feel blessed to have shared in it.

Thank you so much! Well done!


  1. Just The Way You Are sounds like a story with a wonderful message. I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the post and the review, Donna, and best wishes to K.M. Daughters.

  2. Wow! Love that title and the message for JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Congrats on your upcoming release, K.M. Daughters!

    Lovely review, Donna. Thanks for sharing another of White Rose's blessings!

  3. Great review - and can't wait to read this new release from KM Daughters. :-)

  4. This sounds so touching! What wonderful idea. I can't wait to read this!

  5. Sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't out yet. I really didn't mean to tease! But honestly, it's worth waiting for! Watch for it!

  6. Donna we are blessed with your review of our upcoming release and thrilled you enjoyed it. And isn't the cover designed by our ultra-talented Nicola Martinez awesome? :-) Mary, Dora, Marianne and Raquel - thank you for your loving encouragement. As always, we are proud to be included among White Rose's vibrant "bouquet".

  7. Just the Way You Are releases on 7/29 - not too long a wait!