Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christian Romances - This week, Daniella

This wonderful story was brought to my attention a short while ago, and even though it's not a new release, I just had to bring some light to it. If you haven't read this one yet, then you really ought to!

Daniella by
JoAnn Carter

When Harrison Beckman meets his father’s secretary, Daniella Duncan, she’s shy and self-conscious. Harrison, however, is determined to get to know her better. Before he gets to do that a rival comes along to steal Dani’s heart as quickly and thoroughly as the company’s contracts, which have been disappearing.

As the mystery unfolds, Harrison has to fight for the woman he loves, even though this means crossing swords with his father and his determined adversary. Will Harrison be able to find the love that could await them or will it be too late?

Does this story reflect "you" in any way, JoAnn?

Oh yeah, a
s the plot develops, and Dani comes to the realization God loves her the way he made her. I had to be honest and ask myself, "Do I believe that?" It's easy for me to nod my head while I'm writing this, but it's another story when I'm standing in one of those dinky changing rooms try to find a bathing suit for the summer!

Accepting myself is sometimes is a daily struggle. In the same way this story has challenged me, as you experience Dani growth reading this book, it's my prayer that it will draw you closer to God as well.

Thank you, JoAnn, Let's take a peek at the story!


Dani almost made it to the door. The voice she had been admiring all morning called out, “Ah...excuse me, miss. Could you wait just a moment, please?”

Dani felt frozen in time. Being the only “miss” in the room, it would be very difficult to pretend he wasn’t addressing her. Should she? Or even better yet, could she?

She pasted a stiff smile on her face and reluctantly turned around. “Yes?”

Harrison approached her in his quiet manner. “I’d like a copy of the minutes as soon as possible, please. Would you bring them to me when you’re finished?”

Dani nodded. “Sure thing.” She didn’t wait to see if he needed anything else; she simply fled from the room toward the stairway. Forget the elevator. She didn’t want to chance being detained any longer. Besides, she reasoned to herself, perhaps if I used the stairs more often, I’d be in better shape.

When Dani reached the safety of her office, she closed the door firmly behind her and leaned against it, more thankful than ever for a space of her own.


4 1/2 Plumes!

Ms. Carter’s depiction of “real” people in extenuating circumstances is very well done.

Danielle, “Dani”, is so much a picture of an everyday person that I couldn’t help but understand her every motivation. And her head over heels infatuation with her boss’s son is what nightmares and nervous anxiety are made of.

With a theme of industrial espionage running behind the developing romance, you’re never sure what might happen next.

Great story, Ms. Carter. I look forward to reading many more.


  1. Hi JoAnn! Sorry, Daniella is a little bit late. It's all my fault, I assure you!

  2. JoAnn,

    Daniella is a wonderful story...highly-recommended. I wish you the best!

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  4. Great post and review!! It's always great getting to know JoAnn better. :-) I, too, highly recommend this book, and pray for much success! Blessings!

  5. Sounds like a lovely story, and one that I think most of us can relate to. Thanks for sharing it :)

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