Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 6 - Peril

Every weekday (Monday through Friday) for the month of December I will spotlight a story here on my blog. Yes, this is 17 days of Christmas book browsing. And on Christmas Eve I will announce the lucky winner (at least two that I know of right now). The person who leaves the most comments throughout the month will receive their choice of any one of the books spotlighted. That's from me. Other prizes are being offered by the individual authors.

Welcome, Suzanne Hartmann! Wow! Great story - thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit with us!


Lady Anne, a top operative of the OJL, the American government’s most clandestine intelligence organization, is paid to be paranoid, and she’s good at her job. So good, in fact, that she singlehandedly stops an assassination attempt at the White House. When newspapers splash her photo over the front page for saving King Ahmad—a Muslim recently converted to the Christian faith—not only is her cover in jeopardy, but the secrets of her enhanced strength and the entire agency. Then she’s given another assignment—to escort King Ahmad to a NASCAR track....
Stuart Jackson, age 33 and at the peak of his career as the reigning Cup Champion of NASCAR, has everything anyone could want—fame, fortune, success. But after he’s nearly blown up by a bomb at the White House, his achievements lose their allure. Nor can he forget the mysterious Lady Anne.


“I must admit that my reaction to the assignment of a woman to guard me was not worthy of a Christian.”

A warning flag raised in her mind, but she nodded politely. If the vestiges of his Islamic upbringing and its view of women as weaker than men both physically and mentally still colored his opinions, would it cause any problems if Husam-Jabbar fulfilled its promise to attack the king sometime today?

“The way you carried out your duty, however, set aside any remaining doubt. I had been told that you were the best, but when I first met you this morning, you were hardly what I expected.”

“I rarely am.” She looked him directly in the eyes, something Muslim women are not allowed to do. A test to see if his opinion of women had truly changed as much as he seemed to think.

If her boldness bothered him, he didn’t allow it to show. “If you do not mind my saying so, you have a delightful accent. I detect a hint of British and a bit of French. Are you, perhaps, from Monaco?”

Her arm froze midair. She lowered the cracker in her hand to the plate. “I am sorry, Your Majesty. The people in your foreign department must not have told you...”

“Did not tell me what?”

His confusion seemed genuine. Perhaps he truly hadn’t been told. “Due to the clandestine nature of my job, my personal life must remain private. This was agreed to when I accepted the assignment.” Silently, she willed him not to make this an issue. “My refusal is simply a rule I must follow for my own safety.”

A frown darkened the king’s face. “It is my safety at issue. A week has not passed since my conversion without an attempt on my life. Do you not think I have a right to know more about the person in whose hands I place my life?”

Time to derail his line of thought. “Have you prayed for your safety?”

The king blinked. “Of course.”

“Do you trust the Lord to provide for you?”

A hint of anger darkened the king’s eyes. “Yes, but—”

“Then you need to trust Him. He has provided.”


Fast paced and a real page turner!

First, all the subterfuge surrounding Lady Anne, add to that the assassination attempts on King Ahmad, the first Muslim leader turned Christian, then toss in a champion NASCAR driver that can't stop thinking about the mystery woman. The mix is as hot as the track their racing on. And a race it is as Lady Anne becomes a target on the run.

Great characters, wonderful plot - toss in a little heartache, a little romance, and stir well. What a great ride this story is!

To celebrate the release of this debut novel, Suzanne's having
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Stop by for your chance!


  1. Great story, Suzanne, glad you could drop by! I'll look forward to your future ones too!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review and for posting an excerpt, Donna. Excellent choice for introducing Lady Anne and King Ahmad.

  3. Thanks for the great review and excerpt. I can't wait to begin reading Suzanne's books.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  4. That sounds interesting! What time period is this in? Now?

  5. Yes, this is a contemporary story.

  6. Blurb and Excerpt draws you in.
    Thank you for the chance.