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To See the Sun - Peggy Blann Phifer

Welcome Peggy! Thank you so much for joining us today! I always love it when I find an author, new to me, whose writing I fall in love with. What a wonderful story this is!


Pregnant and widowed hadn’t been part of her “happily ever after” dream. And now, someone was trying to kill her . . .

Erin Macintyre never expected to be a widow and a new mother in the same year, anymore than she expected mysterious notes, threatening phone calls, and a strange homeless man who seems to know all about her. The thought of raising a child without a father is daunting enough—worse when you have no idea who might want to harm you. Put an old flame into the mix, and her life begins a tailspin into a world she never knew existed.

When P.I. Clay Buchanan, stumbles upon Erin at her husband's gravesite, he’s totally unprepared for her advanced pregnancy. Her venomous reaction at seeing him, however, was predictable. But Clay can’t let her distrust, or his guilt, get in the way—not when he has evidence that proves Erin’s life is in danger.

With few options left, Erin begrudgingly accepts Clay’s help . . . and it just might be her undoing.


Justin Blair Macintyre
Beloved Son * Devoted Husband * Father-To-Be

She sank back onto her heels and buried her face in her hands. Nothing had prepared her for this. Widowed at twenty-nine, and expecting a baby . . . without a father.

"Oh, Justin . . ." The grief she'd held at bay all day overwhelmed her. She wiped the back of her hand over her face, trying to stem the flow of tears. "How can I raise this baby without you?"

A movement to her left caught her attention and she lifted her head to look, still sniffling.

A tall, lanky form moved among the grave markers with the long strides of a cowboy. His right hand lifted a straw Stetson in salute before settling it down over rusty blond curls.

No. It can't be. This sun is getting to me. I should have worn a hat or brought an umbrella to protect my head.

She looked across the cemetery lawn again but he was gone. She shook her head. Now I'm seeing things.

Still on her knees, Erin placed the palm of her hand on her tummy. "Our child is growing, Justin." She smiled as the baby rolled. "Little Mac is quite active."

She glanced around for eavesdroppers and settled her buttocks onto her heels, a bit more relaxed talking to her husband.

"I've kept our promise, you know, about not wanting to know if the baby is a boy or a girl. I love the feeling of anticipation, trying to imagine a little boy with your dark good looks or a little girl with my goofy hair color and freckles, or a combination of both."

A sob choked her. "But . . . you'll never see your son, or daughter. Never hold the baby in your arms, see the first smile, watch the first step or hear the first words. . ." Erin clenched her fists and held them in front of her chest, her body shaking.

"Where are you, God?" she cried, looking skyward. "How did this happen? I thought you loved us. You're supposed to take care of us! Do you call killing Justin love? Why didn't you stop that crash?" She pressed her fists into her face. "You took Justin away from me! You left our baby without a father!"

In her anguish she wept as she hadn't since the funeral. Over the last four months she'd refused to let the tears come. Now it seemed the little Dutch boy had pulled his thumb from the dyke. As the sobs convulsed her body she toppled over and curled into a ball, giving in to her grief, oblivious to her surroundings.

As the heaving sobs eased into sniffling hiccups, awareness returned. She shifted onto her elbow and pressed her hands on the grass to push herself to her feet, but her left leg had gone to sleep and she collapsed onto her knees with a frustrated growl.
And screamed as a hand touched her shoulder.

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From the very first page of this story the author grabs you and never lets go. Such a happy opening - a day unlike any other day. So much to celebrate. A wonderful accomplishment at work,  his wife's pregnancy - their first child - Justin Macintyre has many blessings to be thankful for. Unfortunately, very soon we are reminded that our life is but a vapor, here only for a moment. If this was a movie, some telltale foreboding would have warned us that it wasn't meant to be. Instead of a celebration, we share Erin's shock at the loss of her husband. Her pain oozes from the pages as she struggles through her grief. What a masterful artist Ms. Phifer is as she weaves past present and future together.

The twists and turns this story takes, the heartfelt emotions - it's all wound together in a glorious way. What a wonderful story! You really don't want to miss this one!

About the author:

Peggy Blann Phifer is an author and columnist, book reviewer and author interviewer, whose work has appeared on various Web sites and writer periodicals both in print and online. She is also an avid reader who loves to escape by diving between the covers of a good book. Peg enjoys handcrafts of all kinds and her home shows off some of her work, though most end up as gifts for friends and family. A retired executive assistant, Peg now makes her home in southern Nevada with husband of 25 years, Jim.
TO SEE THE SUN is her debut novel, released January 2012
Contact her at her website at:
Visit her blog “Whispers in Purple" at


  1. Welcome, Peggy! Thank you so much for being with me today and sharing this story! Beautiful! Very well done!!!

  2. I'm happy to be here, Donna, and I am humbled—and overjoyed!—at your review. Thank you so much! May I be bold enough to ask you to post this review on Amazon and B&N? As an "indie," I need all the boost y'all can give me. :)