Friday, October 19, 2012

Tuesday's Child

Welcome back, Clare! What a great series you have going! And for those who don't know about it, here's the poem that ties them all together.

Monday’s Child must hide for protection,
Tuesday’s Child tenders direction,
Wednesday’s Child grieves for his soul,
Thursday’s Child chases the whole,
Friday’s Child is a man obsessed,
Saturday’s Child might be possessed,
And Sunday’s Child on life’s seas is tossed,
Awaiting the Lifeboat that rescues the lost.

In case you missed the first one, here's a glimpse at what Monday's Child is about:

This was not the assignment Luke Nemec expected when he came to the UK—babysitting a beautiful widow. It wouldn’t be so bad if Sara wasn’t such a hostile witness. Despite her complaints and continued jibes, Luke finds himself falling for her.

Tuesday's Child Blurb:

Tuesday's Child tenders direction...

Deaf from the age of five, Adeline Munroe operates a hospital for injured dolls, but lately her quiet life is disturbed by violent, haunting visions. Perhaps it's just her unspoken fear--a serial killer has struck in Headley Cross. But Adeline soon realizes she's seeing each murder just before they happen and reluctantly contacts the police.

Detective Sergeant Nate Holmes has enough to deal with between caring for his orphaned niece and his current assignment--the Herbalist killings, so when a woman comes forward who claims to be "seeing" the crimes in dreams, he isn't hopeful she'll be of any help. But he knows her from church, and she inexplicably describes how each crime is committed. Is God answering his prayers through Adeline?

Adeline assists the police, yet more women die and she becomes the prime target of the killer. Will Nate crack the case before the Herbalist can complete his agenda--or will the next murder Adeline foresees be her own?


All of Nate’s senses kicked into action, his copper’s antennae twitching.

She knew something, or at least thought she did.

“What is it?”

Adeline sucked her lower lip into her mouth, worrying it with her teeth. “This is going to sound stupid, but…” She took a deep breath. “I saw them. All of them. They all had their hair tied back or up.” She picked up the top clipping. “She was playing on a swing and wearing a red jacket. This one was walking the dog and wearing blue.”

Nate jolted as if he’d been struck by lightning. Those details hadn’t been released. Was he wrong about her? Was she somehow involved with the murders? “Wait a minute. How did you know any of this?”

Adeline carried on speaking as she shifted through the papers. “She was on her way to dance class in pink. This one was jogging in a gray toweling track suit and the first one…”
Nate put a hand on her arm, cutting her off.

She jerked her head upwards in surprise.

He held her gaze. “How do you know all this?”

“I told you, I saw them.”


From the start of Tuesday’s Child, I fell in love with Adeline. Her sweet and tender heart just make you want to protect her from the things she can’t hear for herself. And then Vianne came into the picture and I was well and truly hooked. Nothing like a sweet little girl to draw me in. Then Uncle Nate…oh, my goodness! What a cast of characters! I love true heroes, and Nate is surely one of them. 

Ms. Revell has a marvelous touch with heroes. I love it! She also knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat! This is certainly turning out to be a great series! I can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Thank you Donna :) And thank you for the great review.

    1. You're welcome, Clare, I loved it! I can't wait for more! I here Wednesday's Child isn't too far behind!

  2. Donna, congrats to you. I look forward to reading this!!

    1. LOL, thanks, but it's Clare's story! But I certainly hope you enjoy it!

    2. Hope you enjoy it. It was a fun one to write.

  3. Hello, Donna - and Clare! This entire series concept is just a genius idea. I love it! Someday, when I ever have the time to kick back and read, I'm going to have TBR pile that towers over my head. lol

    Congrats, Clare!

    1. LOL Delia, I already do! (Thank goodness for my Kindle, they're not as threatening, otherwise I might need a whole room!)

    2. Hi Delia,
      When i pitched the idea to Nicola I wasn't expecting her to say yes lol. And as I only had 3 of the 7 actually written at the time... she took 4 of them on the synopsis alone.
      Hubby has suggested I go for months of the year next... lol

  4. For some reason, books are faster for me to read on my reader, maybe because it's easier to hold.
    Nice interview and review. I look forward to reading this one, and like Delia, have loved the concept since the first time I saw it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, LoRee. I'm sure you're gonna love it!

    2. I love my kindle. It's got a mix of PDF and kindle books on it and goes everywhere with me.