Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Piece of Heaven

It's finally here!!! My newest release has arrived! Come check out A Piece of Heaven. 

This story is truly a dream of mine - a dream to own a Christian coffee house where people can come to enjoy good music and good food in a good clean atmosphere. So come on inside and take a peek, listen to some good music, and enjoy a cup of coffee while you're here. Hope you can stop by sometime!


Trina Wembly dreamt of owning a Christian coffee house for years –a Godly place where people could enjoy a good meal, and entertainment that was pleasing to God. A Piece of Heaven is that dream, and Trina the star entertainer.

Jared Larou, the construction foreman who helps design and build the coffee house, is a wounded soul with a soft heart, a soft heart that Trina is drawn to.

Trina knows God is the only one who can heal Jared’s wounded soul. Does she have the faith and patience to wait on God’s will – if it is God’s will?


Trina Wembly stared at the name painted on the frosted glass, Dared Construction & Design. This was it, the start of her dream. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open. She hoped everything she’d heard about them was true.


Oh yeah, they could help her create the atmosphere she wanted in A Piece of Heaven, turn her dream into something real. Still, would they be able to get her vision from her simple drawings?

"Can I help you?"

Trina whipped around, a hand to her throat. "Oh, I didn’t hear you." She looked up, past broad shoulders covered by a white dress shirt that tightened around the man’s upper chest as he crossed his arms. Guaranteed, he didn’t spend all his time behind a desk.
Serious gray eyes stared back. His face settled into a quiet smile as he raised his brows. 

"Can I help you?"

"Oh, I’m sorry. I have an appointment with..." She fumbled through her bag, searching for the slip of paper she had written on. What was wrong with her? She was never this scatterbrained.

"Are you Ms. Wembly?"

"Yes." She paused in her search to meet his gaze. "Is it you I’m supposed to meet with?"

This time the smile reached his eyes. He held out his hand. "I’m Jared Larou. You spoke with Dave, but he had to go out of town today, so I’m covering the office. He told me you’d be coming in."

Her hand was swallowed by his, and a mild shock ran up her arm. "Should I reschedule?"

"No, this is fine. We’re partners and cover for each other, plus work together on every project anyway, so it doesn’t much matter which one of us you meet with initially. We’re both involved in every project eventually."

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  1. Sounds like a great summer read!

  2. Looking forward to reading it!

  3. Congratulations, Donna! What an exciting time for you! And I hope that your dream of owning a coffee shop comes true!!

  4. Congrats Donna! Very exciting :).

  5. Woohoo! I feel like I already know these characters ;-)


  6. Yay, Congratulations Donna! I know how long you have waited for this :) Can't wait to have my own copy :) And you never know about the coffee shop, God works in mysterious ways.

  7. Sounds great, Donna! Having a coffee house/Christian book shop combo is a dream of mine as well. Aren't we fortunate to be able to live vicariously through our characters? lol (I got my coffee house through Hannah in my novel Yesterday's Promise.

  8. Congratulations! Can't wait to read it! :-)

  9. Wow Donna. I didn't even know you were a writer...although it doesn't surprise me! It's been way too long!

    Jan Roby Wainwright

  10. I love coffee! Congratulations Donna! I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway and God Bless!
    Sarah Richmond

  11. And the winner of the free copy is..........Sarah!!!