Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Release! The Covering

What do a woman of faith and a heathen biker have in common? The devil, of course.

Tessa is moved to intercede for a man she's never met. When they do meet, she's stunned. Gunnar is gorgeous, charismatic, and driven. He's also hostile, self-destructive, and an unbeliever...and she's drawn to him like no other. The temptation she feels is as dangerous as it is alluring. She wants to stay away, but God has other plans. He reveals the devil's intent to destroy Gunnar, and commissions Tessa to keep him covered in prayer. Can she rely on God to keep her from love, and into temptation? Or will the devil claim them both?

Wow, after reading the beginning of The Covering, I thought sure you were a motorcycle rider yourself!


“Your pastor says I’m marked for death.”

The abruptness of the announcement left her momentarily speechless and quite unsure she’d heard correctly. “What?”

“He thinks the devil’s trying to kill me.”

She looked closely for any sign of humor, but Gunnar didn’t have a sense of humor she was aware of.

“Why does he think that?” she asked.

“I told you I have nightmares, right?” Tessa nodded. Gunnar ran his finger along the edge of his napkin. “Well it goes a little beyond that.”

Tessa listened, enthralled, as Gunnar described in terrifying detail what he suffered in the night. A few things made more sense – his hostility for one – and she now had a better grasp of what pushed him toward suicide. God, how had he coped so long with the torment?

“I’d say Pastor’s right,” Tessa said when he finished.


The waiter arrived with their plates then disappeared. “You said when you had the gun to your head,” she shivered inwardly, “it didn’t feel like you. It felt like you were being driven.” Gunnar met her eyes across the table. “I believe you were.”

“Demons, right?” he asked. Tessa inclined her head. “Can they do that?”

“They can’t pick up your gun and shoot you with it,” she said. “But they can be persuasive.”

“Yeah,” he grumbled.

Tessa glanced around the small room. To an eavesdropper the conversation would seem like mumbo jumbo and ordinarily she wouldn’t care if strangers thought her “out there” or weird, but she kept her voice low in consideration for Gunnar’s privacy.

“When was the last time you had one of those dreams?” she asked.

“It’s been a while. Thank God.” He made a sound exactly between a chuckle and a snicker. “I mean that.”

This time when Tessa reached for his hand he left it under hers, turning it upward to lightly grip her fingers. “But you don’t think it’s the end,” Tessa said.

He topped her thumb with his and rubbed gently. “It’s like they’re constantly hovering. Waiting for the right time.”

Tessa refused to acknowledge the chill that swept through her.

“I know when they come for me, I won’t be able to stop it,” Gunnar said. “And one of these times they’ll pull me back there and I won’t come out.”

Gunnar released her hand, picked up his fork and started eating, leaving Tessa feeling helpless and inadequate. She knew the words to speak to him, she believed them with everything in her, but she couldn’t help him if he didn’t believe. Nevertheless, she had to speak.

“There is something you can do,” Tessa said, her voice thick with resolve.

“Sure, get saved, spite the devil. That’s an interesting doctrine you guys have: revenge through salvation.”

“I don’t want to push Jesus on you, Gunnar. I just hate to see you in pain.” And she hated to think he might be taken from her. Leaning back, Tessa took up her fork. “You have to decide for yourself.” She hoped her voice belied none of her anxiety.

Gunnar was quiet, pensive. “OK, aside from all that, here it is. The reason I wanted to go out tonight, other than getting your take on all this, is to see what’s going on between you and me.”


This book grabbed me from the very beginning and didn't let go till I was done. Tessa and Gunnar seem to have nothing in common. She is driven to pray for him before they even meet - and he is driven by inner demons he can't escape.
This story is well written, with well developed characters that lead with their hearts. What a great read! Trust me - it's every bit as good as this leads you to believe!


  1. Welcome Dana-a few days late! Sorry for the delay. A lovely hurricane named Irene scared the wits out of me and I forgot everything I was doing other than battening down the hatches and making sure I had lots of candles and batteries and flashlights on hand.

    But back to the important stuff (lol. I truly loved your story, and I'd really love to take Gunnar home with me(although my DH probably wouldn't much like it).

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

    For anyone who hasn't read it yet, go get a copy! You're gonna love it!

  2. So glad you all made it through the hurricane. Irene really packed a punch!

    I'm looking forward to reading The Covering. It sounds just great, Dana. I love the excerpt!

  3. Thanks Mary =-) And yes, we're all doing well. God is good!
    Donna, thanks so much for having me here - against the odds, LOL.

  4. So glad you both made it thru Irene!

    You can really feel the battle going on here. Great job, Dana! I'm looking forward to reading THE COVERING.

  5. We made it through Irene without any power outages but now the last waves of the storm are causing blips in the power. Hope this gets through.

    I've been waiting for The Covering since before it came out! I'll be purchasing my copy soon!

  6. Thanks Dora and Tanya! And good night Irene -_-

  7. Great excerpt, and what a great story premise! Can't wait to read it, Dana! So glad you've all stayed safe despite Irene -- Keep up the great writing and posts, ladies!! :-)