Sunday, August 7, 2011

Faithful Danger

Faithful Danger
Tanya Hanson

After her husband's financial crimes and suicide, Caffey Matthews leaves behind her wealthy Manhattan life-knowing her husband's enemies are in pursuit. Frightened and alone, Caffey hides her identity and finds succor in the remote California ranch land, which helps her to reclaim faith and trust in God.

Believing Caffey is involved in her late husband's misdeeds, cowboy-turned high-priced private investigator Rhee Ryland arrives in Rancho Lorena ready to haul her back to justice. He doesn't expect to fall in love with her. Even more surprising is his return to his childhood Lord.


Caffey's unquestioning faith in God is a joy to behold. After all she's gone through (nope, I'm not going to give everything away), trust is a precious thing, and she obviously trusts God with all she is. Watching Rhee learn to trust that Caffey is really who and what she seems to be, not who he expects her to be, and then come to have that same trust in God is heartwarming. I loved the twists and turns in this story from beginning to end. Very well done, Tanya!

So tell us a little about yourself, Tanya.

I'm a California beach girl happily married to a firefighter. My two kids are the best thing I've ever done, and now, I get to be a gramma to the dearest little boy ever. (And I get another one in November!)

Favorite things after my family: Travel, being lefthanded, McDonald's iced coffee, and Brooks and Dunn. (yeah, I know they separated. More's the pity.)

Although I'm totally hooked on the Western historicals I write for The Wild Rose Press, I am finding a wonderful home writing contemporary Western inspirationals for White Rose Publishing.

And we hope to see more of them, Tanya, they're wonderful! I may be a New Englander, but I love those western romances. There's just something special about a cowboy and that ingrained sense of honor and chivalry. I'm looking forward to reading the Hearts Crossing Ranch series.



  1. Thanks for the support, Donna. I really appreciate it, and you.

  2. Thanks, Donna, for the support. I so appreciate it, and you.

  3. Hey, Tanya, I just loved the story and wanted to share. Seems like the summer doldrums are here and people are off enjoying the great outdoors. Speaking of which, I hope you had a wonderful trip!

    And at least I know a few people have taken a peek at least!