Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Beginnings

Welcome Wendy, and thanks for sharing New Beginnings with us! What a great story!

You know, the more I read, the more I realize there are just too many great stories out there, and not enough time! I know I'm gonna miss some so let's hurry down this rabbit trail before this one gets away...


Security expert Adam Peyton wants a second chance with the woman who captured his heart and walked away with it several months ago. When he agrees to be her bodyguard on a Caribbean cruise, he takes the opportunity to do much more than just protect her.

When the man who has been haunting Cora Andrews' dreams for months walks back into her life, she must choose to release the pride holding them apart, or risk losing him forever.

Will Adam have the new beginning with Cora he has been praying for?


DB: After reading this story, Wendy, I couldn't help but wonder if there's ever been a "second chance" relationship in your life? or a time when you wished for one, when you wondered, "what if..."?

WD: I married the love of my life, so as far as second chance relationships, I haven't needed one in the romance category. However, when I think of second chances in my life, I think of how God has blessed me with forgiveness, time and time again. Although as a Christian, I try to do what's right, I make mistakes. Sometimes over and over again until God points them out to me and even after He does, it's not easy to keep on track. But, He's always willing to forgive. As I see it, He's the ultimate author of second chances, and third, and fourth...

Agreed! And life is full of choices. We all stumble and make mistakes, but you are so right! God is the ultimate giver of second chances...and as many after that as we might need.

Well, let's share a peek at your story, and give everyone a first chance to see what they'll be missing if they don't read it!


“You never know. It could turn out to be fun.” Adam’s familiar voice sent a wave of memories crashing into her...

“Fun?” She turned her wide eyes to him. “You mean like when you lied to me about who you are? Was that fun?”

"I didn’t lie.” His voice lowered as he stepped into the elevator with her.

“You kept the truth from me. That’s the same thing.”

"Do we have to go through this again, Cora?” he asked as a sigh heaved his broad shoulders.

“Not if you leave me alone. But you won’t do that will you? Harry asked you to go so you will. Just like that.”

“It is my job, Cora.”

“You’ve made that more than clear.”

The elevator began its decent from the top floor. Adam’s tall, masculine presence made the small room feel even smaller. She faced the doors and watched the numbers light up with each passing floor.

“Is it really that horrible that I’m coming with you?”

She met his eyes. “Harry has no right…”

“Let’s not make this about Harry OK?” His gaze seared into hers as he added, “Like you do everything else in your life.”

She gasped. “I do not.”


Cora ground her teeth and fisted her hands as she turned to face him and sucked in a breath. Before she had a chance to say a word, Adam placed a warm, calloused finger on her lips. He stepped close and whispered, “I’d like to do a lot of things with you. Fighting isn’t one of them.” He gently traced his finger along the contours of her lips as his eyes followed. The elevator chimed and the doors opened. He stepped back. “I’ll see you next week.”

Well, if that just doesn't get your blood pumping! Oh my goodness! Well, "What if you don't take the time to read this story? What if there's a message here just for you? What if..."


5 Star Review

Ooh, talk about ruffling someone’s feathers! You can feel your own hackles rise with Cora’s at the words on the first page. And that’s before you even take into consideration the ex-factor! And Adam sounds like the least likely ex- you’ve ever seen!

But Cora has to dare to look beyond her own skewed perceptions to see the truth.

And this story is full of truths. Come check it out! It’s a real short/quick read, but in these few pages there is lots of emotion, and more angst than you would ever expect!

Don't miss your chance! I just love second chance romances, as you all know, and this one is just mmm mmm good!


  1. Welcome Wendy! What a sweet read this one is! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  2. Congratulations, Wendy! New Beginnings is a winner. Best wishes to you!

  3. I loved Wendy's interview! Straight from the heart! Best to you on this lovely book!

  4. Thanks Donna for having me here! Mary, you're so kind. Karen, thanks so much!


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