Friday, September 23, 2011

Christian Romances - This week, Severed Hearts

Julie Blanton's dream is realized when shy Johnny Michaels all but professes his love. But, when he enlists two days later without so much as a goodbye, her world crashes. Johnny has loved Julie since high school. But before he can muster the courage to ask for a real date, he overhears words that cut to the core. Humiliation drives him to make a rash decision. Will it cost him Julie's love?

Here's a little excerpt:

Friday afternoon at one-thirty-five, Julie wiped down tables, still
waiting for Johnny's answer. He hadn't even broached the subject. Sheer torture! She must know today; the picnic was tomorrow. She stretched her neck to check the clock again. Five minutes before his scheduled departure.

Johnny plopped his empty bottle on the counter. A small belch escaped. "Excuse me."

A couple people browsed around inside the store. Was he waiting for them to leave? He fixed his eyes on her. Should she bring up the subject?

"Have you thought about tomorrow...the picnic?"

He stood to pull keys from his pants pocket, then started fidgeting with them. "Ye-eah."

"Yeah, what? Yeah, you've thought about it, or yeah, you will come?" Say yes!

"Yeah, I'll come."

Julie bit her bottom lip to squelch a squeal. Butterflies danced inside her stomach. "Then you don't have to work tomorrow?"

He studied his scuffed work boots. "Nope. No Saturdays yet. We've stayed ahead of schedule thus far." He lifted his head. "What time does the shindig start?"

"Four. We'll eat first so we'll have plenty of time to play ball before dark."

Johnny shoved his hands in his jean pockets, and glanced toward the
clock. "Do you... Would you—?"

"I'd love to ride with you! Pick me up at a quarter 'til four."

4 hearts review for this one!
So very sweet! A wonderful lesson we could all use in listening to God!

Severed Hearts by Laurean Brooks

What a lovely story! Severed Hearts started a little slow for me, but once you get a feel for the characters, it grabs you by the heart and just sweeps you along.

The doubts and fears both Julie and Johnny go through are so true of most of our own insecurities. It’s easy to doubt what we feel, what we see, what we think, when we try to guide our own lives without God to lead us.

The message here is sweet and clear and God’s love shines through it all.

Very nice, Ms. Brooks. I very much enjoyed Severed Hearts!

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