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Deadly Chase - Wendy Davy

Welcome, Wendy! It's been a few months since we've seen you here, but welcome back. I believe Stranded was the last time you were here back in October, and that was a great story! I'm so glad you're here again! 

I've enjoyed a number of your stories and I really enjoy the variety! It seems to me that suspenseful stories are a favorite of yours. Is that true? Yes! I love suspenseful stories, especially if they are romantic suspense. I enjoy trying to figure out who the bad guy is. :)

LOL Now you sound like me! Well, this one was full of suspense and I loved it! You're great at keeping your reader on edge right to the end! Thanks:"> blushing

Do you have anything else planned at this time? Sure do. I have my next three stories lined up. One of which is a sequel to Deadly Chase. I thought Chase's brother, Jake, deserves his own romantic suspense story. He's such a cool guy, and I thought his career as a National Park Forest Ranger would be fun to explore...

Ooh, sounds great! He seems like such a neat guy. So quiet, but you know what they say about still waters running deep. Now I can't wait for more!

 Thanks again!

Well, let me give them a peek at this one before we get too carried away!


Sierra Malone trusted the wrong man and now he's trying to kill her. After narrowly escaping Kevin Eason's brutal attack, Sierra leaves her home, her family, and everything familiar. She finds temporary shelter, but it provides little relief from her constant fear. Desperate and alone, she considers an offer of protection from a stranger--but she soon learns he's harboring a potentially deadly secret. Chase Price wants Eason behind bars, and he's willing to do anything to get him there, even if it means waiting for Eason to strike again. With an innocent life on the line, Chase sets out to finish this battle once and for all--but he soon learns guarding Eason's beautiful victim leaves him wanting much more than he anticipated.


Stark terror brought Sierra Malone fully awake as a heavy body pressed her deep into the mattress. Darkness cloaked the room, but she didn’t need vision to know who had invaded the privacy of her home. His sickening, familiar scent washed over her, confirming Kevin Eason’s reign of terror continued. 

His sweaty palm clamped over her mouth and powerful fingers closed around her throat, constricting her airway. She clawed his skin and thrashed her legs. Sheets tore from the bed, wrapping her in a shroud of tangled cotton. His bruising strength outmatched hers, dooming her attempts at freedom. Pinpricks of light danced before her eyes. Just when she feared she’d pass out, Kevin removed his hand from her mouth and eased the ironclad hold on her throat. Sierra filled famished lungs to capacity and opened her mouth to scream, but managed only a strangled sound. 

He shifted and switched on the lamp. As light flooded the room, Kevin’s face—contorted with fury—came into focus. Revulsion turned her stomach. How could she ever have thought him charming and handsome? Blood beaded along his jaw where her fingernails had penetrated, and a heavy drop fell onto Sierra’s bare shoulder. 

"If you kill me, they’ll put you in prison for the rest of your life." She forced the words through her raw throat. 

"They didn’t catch me before. They won’t this time."

"What do you mean?" Sierra rasped the question as panic squeezed her chest.


I loved it! Deadly Chase is an edge-of-your-seat, can't-put-it-down kind of book. My heart was thumping right along with Sierra's as she tried to outrun the evil that was after her. 

The characters in this story are so true to life that you can't help but root them on, and share their triumphs - and their tears. Chase is a hero after my own heart. I love it when a hero is real, is willing to admit his faults and doesn't try to hide them. 

And the emotions between Chase and Sierra  just keep on building while terror looms over her every step of the way. 

Great story! Very well done!

Wendy Davy is an award winning author with several titles available. She uses her active imagination and love of adventure to create faith based stories of the heart. When not writing or chasing around her young children, she spends time reading, enjoying her real-life hero and watching movies. 
She loves hearing from readers and can be contacted at .
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  1. Thanks for stopping by with your latest story, Wendy, I loved it! There's nothing like a good romantic suspense...wish I could write them! LOL Great job!

  2. Congratulations, Wendy! Sounds like a great read.

  3. This was my first book of Wendy's to read, and I LOVED it! Gave me goosebumps all over again reading the excerpt. Thanks for sharing this awesome review, Donna!

  4. Hi Donna, thanks for featuring Deadly Chase. Thanks Carla and Dora. Not many people know this, but Deadly Chase was inspired by a short, but vivid dream. In the dream, a man had been shot as the woman who loved him watched. The scene was so real, and so heart wrenching, I knew it had a full story behind it. :)

  5. Congratulations, Wendy. Sounds good. Great cover.

  6. Sounds like a great read Wendy!

    Good Luck & God's Blessings!!

  7. Sounds so good, Wendy!! Can't wait to read it!! God bless! Amazing the way this story came to be! Ah, the power of dreams. I firmly believe God gives us those 'moments' to motivate us into the stories He needs us to tell. :-)

    1. Thanks everyone. Marianne, yes I agree. God is a great motivator. :)