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Hearts Communion - Marianne Evans

Surprise! Welcome back, Marianne! I loooooved this story! I don't know why I've waited so long to read this series (well, other than the fact that I had other time commitments...). I can't begin to say how sweet this story is - how heartfelt! What a joy to read!

You are a real wonder, Marianne!

Okay, so if there's anyone else out there who hasn't read this one, I can't say enough good things about it, obviously. It's a GREAT story! Here, take a peek...

Jeremy "JB" Edwards dreams of one thing: Having a loving wife and children of his own. Not a surprising ambition, since he was raised at the heart of a large, tight-knit family. Monica Kittelski spends her days at Sunny Horizons Daycare Center pouring her heart and faith into other people's children. But Monica harbors one impossible dream: Having children of her own someday. JB and Monica seem the perfect match, but what will come of their electric, sassy relationship when Jeremy learns of Monica's infertility? Hopes and reality collide when they must confront the idea of finding God's plan and following His will when a dearest hope is destined to remain unfulfilled. Can these two loving, passionate hearts survive a communion of dreams and reality?


Jeremy Edwards’s cell phone came to life. A vibration sizzled against his hip, and as he unclipped his BlackBerry, the display screen lit up with an incoming text:

HELP! Ur nephew is raging with 101 fever. Can u pick him up from daycare n keep him 4 a while? Txt, don’t call. Im in class. DESPERATE! APPRECIATE! C

Jeremy, JB to everyone who knew him best, re-read the missive from his brother, Collin. Collin’s wife, Daveny, was out of town, pitching a corporate landscaping project in southern Ohio. Collin would be teaching his high school English class for another—Jeremy flicked his wrist and quick-checked his watch—two hours or so, depending on student demands.

So he stopped painting freshly installed drywall and stepped off the ladder, calling out to one of the crewmen at work on the task. “Greg, I’m gone for a couple hours. Tell Mindy I’ll be back later tonight to install the dishwasher for her.”

“Will do. See ya, JB.”

Gotta love flexibility, Jeremy thought with honest gratitude. Leaving behind a living room buzzing with remodeling activity, he went to the kitchen of the modest, three-bedroom bungalow his construction company was helping to renovate. Gratis. There he grabbed his leather jacket from the spot where he had draped it over a chair at the dining table. After sliding it on, he texted his “yes” to Collin’s request and hit the send button.

The project he currently spearheaded was part of an effort to give back to his hometown, especially as summer construction activity slowed down and a fiery Michigan autumn bent toward winter. That fact drove itself home as soon as Jeremy stepped out the back door of the kitchen and found himself buffeted by a stiff, biting wind. He stuffed his hands in his coat pockets, lowering his head as he jogged to his pickup truck.

He auto-started the vehicle, then his thoughts zeroed in on Jeffrey, his nearly three-year-old nephew. Jeremy grinned to himself. He was happy to help Collin. After all, Jeremy absolutely doted on his nephew—and everyone else in his family.

Climbing into the cab of his truck was a welcome relief from the elements. Before leaving, he pulled out his phone once again and performed a location search on Sunny Horizons Day Care Center. He had a vague idea of where the facility was located, but had never been there.

Navigation in place, he backed down the bumpy driveway of Mindy Nather’s home, frowning at the cracks he saw in the asphalt.

“Needs work,” he muttered, driving toward the business district of Saint Clair Shores. Meanwhile, he mentally mapped out crews, supplies and the time necessary to repair the driveway, tacking that aspect of the job onto the living room and dining room renovations, which were nearly complete. He used downtime at a stoplight to open up a pack of cashews and pour a few into his mouth.

Crunching the snack, he shook out some more and moved forward, following traffic to an area of the city that featured a number of stand-alone retail buildings. Behind them were neighborhoods full of nice homes, still-green grass and trees gone spindly and barren. JB munched on more cashews, chewing while he kept watch for the address of Jeffrey’s daycare center. According to technology, he was getting close.

Sure enough, a minute or two later he spotted a wooden sign featuring a rainbow, a large sun full of rays, and the words Sunny Horizons painted in a variety of bold, primary colors. The moniker resided on a patch of grass in front of a well-maintained ranch-style home crafted of red brick that had been converted to commercial use.

Finishing up his get-me-through-to-a-late-dinner protein boost, Jeremy tossed the wrapper into a cup holder and turned into the parking lot. He brought the truck to a stop, thinking about his nephew. Poor Jeffrey. He’d take him straight home to Collin’s place where the boy could rest up and recover in his own bed.

But what, exactly, should somebody give a sick two-year-old? How much of that liquid medicine stuff would Jeffrey need? While he considered, and made plans to call Collin on that count, JB walked past the window line of the facility and glanced inside

That’s when his focus sharpened on the scene inside, and his footsteps came to an abrupt halt. A thought slipped into place with compelling impact: What a gorgeous woman. Long blonde hair fell forward in layers, framing a face that featured fair skin and expressive, baby-blue eyes. The straight, thick strands swung as she moved from place to place, spotting pre-school kids currently playing Twister, which caused his insides to spark. Jeans and an aqua colored sweater showed off a trim figure. She laughed easily, talking the kids through difficult moves and exclaiming when players tumbled and fell.

Quick as a blink he watched the lovely lady shift focus. She turned away from the Twister competition and whisked up one of the smaller toddlers who lingered shyly near her legs. Lovely Lady stepped into a clear space. Face alight with pleasure, she spun the toddler, who seemed to laugh and enjoy it just as much as her female charge.

In fact, the sensation was contagious. Jeremy smiled in response to the pair.

And I’m still riveted to the sidewalk. He silently chastised himself, performing a mental shake that jostled him back to the moment at hand. Stay on point, JB! Jeffrey. Nephew. Sick kid in need of help.

He approached the entryway and stepped inside. But rescue mission or not, he looked forward to meeting the woman.

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Ooh, a mystery woman, and an all-around nice guy - with chemistry flying all over the pages. What a great story!

Between Monica trying to protect her heart from wanting the one thing she can't have, to Jeremy on his mission to get to know her better, trying to get past all the walls she hides behind, this story just flies by. I loved it. I can't begin to say how sweet it is, what a joy to read!

Come share in the moments of fear and joy, and love and heartbreak - and wrap yourself in this family that truly knows how to love.

Really, if you haven't read this one, get yourself a copy, and sit down and enjoy. Warning. You won't want to put it down!

About the author:

Marianne Evans loves to tell a good story. In fact, she’s been enthusiastic about writing ever since she could string sentences together. Joining White Rose Publishing gives her the opportunity to combine two of her greatest passions – love of the Lord and exploring the world of romance.
She’s seen a number of her books published. Kensington Publishing purchased her first book, Friends & Lovers. Her second contemporary romance, Right Hand Man, followed shortly thereafter. Her third release from Kensington, Hannah’s Heart, won critical acclaim in The Oakland Press. Her fourth book, a novella entitled With This Kiss, is her first offering at The Wild Rose Press. Hearts Crossing is her first inspirational romance and marks her debut at White Rose Publishing.
A resident of suburban Detroit, she’s happily married with two kids and a family that never fails to support and encourage. An active member of Romance Writers of America, she’s a long-time member of Greater Detroit RWA where she served the chapter in a number of capacities, most notably as treasurer and two terms as president.


  1. Hi again, Marianne! I am sure enjoying this series and so glad I can share it with others. I really understand your connection to Woodland now. It's the church family we all hope for when we look for a church home. And as for this story, well, I may have already said it before, but I think this one's my favorite!

  2. Oh, Donna ~ what a blessing you are. :-) THANK YOU. Your words mean so much to me. I've had a couple readers chime in with very powerful and positive reactions to Hearts Communion. I think it has something to do with finding a new way to embrace deams that create a framework for the entire pattern of your life...That's the dilemma faced by Monica and Jeremy, and I think people can relate. Your compliment about Woodland is one I cherish. You expressed so perfectly exactly what I feel about creating it! :-)

    God bless, and thanks again!!!!

    1. Thank you, Marianne, the joy is all mine.

  3. Hey, ladies! Great post, wonderful excerpt, beautiful review...

    I'm lovin' the enthusiasm, Donna! But I'm not surprised in the least. This is, after all, a Marianne Evans's gotta be amazing. :)

  4. Delia, you're such a sweetheart - thank you!!!! My goodness--coming from you?? WOW. xo!!!

    1. LOL, well, yeah, I feel that way about her, too!

  5. Marianne, I love anything you write.