Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mercies in Disguise - JoAnne Carter

Hi JoAnn, and welcome back! You haven't been to this little neck of the web for awhile! I'm so glad to see the second book of your Roarin' Twenties series is out and I just wanted to share it with everyone! What a great story, and a wonderful peek into the past.

Here's a little about the story:

Abigail Madison finally finds a man who captures her affections – Ticonderoga's steamboat pilot, Stanley Fisher. But will the tender shoots of love have a chance bloom after a serious illness strikes and threatens their happiness?

Abigail Madison, a gentle quiet spirit, has always dreamed of a life away from her mother’s controlling ways. Even more than that, she’s dreamed of finding someone with whom she could share her life with. However, her shyness is often taken as aloofness and no marital prospects were anywhere to be found. What was to become of her hopes?

Stanley Fisher, the Steamboat pilot of the Ticonderoga, was drafted and fought in World War I. The experiences he lived though on the battlefield left him wounded -- but not in a way that the naked eye could see. Yet, when he meets Abigail, he yearns for a love like his best friend and Captain of the Ti, Philip found in Ellie. However, with his recurring nightmares from war, what does he have to offer to this special woman?


"Thank you.I-It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Fisher." Abigail slipped off her gloves and tentatively took the letter.

"The pleasure is all mine." Stanley's shoulders relaxed and he grinned. "Did you have a nice trip?"

She gulped and sent up a quick prayer for courage. "Yes, I enjoy travel."

"Ah. Then you've come to the right place since that's our business on the steamboat."

Abigail smiled a bit self-consciously. "Yes, I guess I have."

"Ellie tells me you'll be staying until the wedding."

She nodded. "Will... will you be attending as well, Mr. Fisher?"

Stanley scratched the side of his cheek. "You know, since I work on the Ti, you might want to call me Stanley."

Caught off guard, Abigail lifted an eyebrow in question.

"The crew, save Captain Lawhorn, all go by their first name."

Abigail wondered if perhaps this experience, living aboard the Ti for the next few months, would stretch her in more ways then she ever dared to imagine. "Then please, call me Abigail."

Stanley bowed. "I'd be honored. And to answer your question, of course I'll be at the wedding. In fact, I'll be standing up for the Captain."

"Oh, I see." Butterflies danced in her stomach. Was she actually engaged in small talk with someone she had never met before? The fumes from the train must have left her half off her nut. Either that or God was helping her face her own Goliath. She smiled at the thought of David's victory. Thank you for being with me, Father. She lifted the letter to see it better in the fading light, then glanced around, wondering if she should open it now or wait.

Stanley must have understood her hesitation. "Go ahead. Read it." He pointed to the satchel she had by her side. "May I take that for you?"

"Yes, please." Before she could blink, the weight of her satchel was transferred to his strong arm. She dropped her eyes to Ellie's letter, turned it over, and with a swift movement of her pointer finger, broke the seal.


Oh my goodness, the heart shown in this story is amazing! Abigail and Stanley are such a wonderful pair. She’s so sensitive to his sorrowing heart, and he is so drawn to her caring, gentle spirit that it really seems like a match made in heaven.

You can’t help but hope that Abigail can find the strength to reach beyond her shyness, and that Stanley can lay aside the guilt and pain he feels from the horrors he’s seen.

The real beauty here is in seeing the faith they both possess. As her illness overshadows the future, love shines through the darkness. What a wonderful story this is, as well as a beautiful depiction of the past and what it really meant to those who lived through it.

About the author:

JoAnn Carter writes stories that will encourage your faith through her inspirational romances. She resides in Vermont with her wonderful husband and four children. JoAnn is available for speaking engagements to book clubs, reader groups, library groups, women's ministry events, school events and church retreats. You can visit her webpage @


  1. What a sweet story, JoAnn. I loved it!

  2. Thanks for having me here today, Donna. You're kind words about this story made my day!

  3. Good excerpt and I love that cover.