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Redeeming Daisy - Tanya Hanson

Well, once I sink my teeth into a story that I like, I can't let go until I'm done...or until I've read everything they've written. So, since Book 5 of this series just came out, I've got some catching up to do and just wanted to share a little peek of the 2nd story from Hearts Crossing Ranch.

It's another winner! I can't help but love these big hearted cowboys! Thanks for sharing them with us, Tanya!


Veterinarian rancher Pike Martin has no choice but to advise putting down Daisy Denmore’s fatally ill dog, but she swears it's revenge for her mistreatment of Pike's brother years ago. Although stung by her insult at his professionalism, Pike finds himself drawn to the troubled woman who flounders in faith and aches for love and acceptance.

Costly mistakes have sent Daisy down an unrighteous path. Abandoned by her ex-husband, humiliated and broke, she has no choice but to return to her parents’ home in Mountain Cove, Colorado. As soon as she saves enough money, though, she'll be gone. Until Pike Martin's soft voice, caring manner, and downright empathy for her wounds tempt her to stay.

With God on his side, can Pike help Daisy along the path to forgiveness, trust, and whole-hearted love?

Oh isn't that just a story line after your own heart!!!


After a quick but furious knock, the door flew open so hard it smacked against a cabinet. Glass rattled. “What’s going on, Mom?” Daisy Densmore hurtled inside, the veterinary tech Luanne clutching at her arm.

“Dr. Martin,” Luanne said, apology written all over her face. “I couldn’t hold her back.”

“What’s going on?” Daisy repeated, shrill. “Pops just told me you were here! That something’s wrong with Elway.”

Pike nodded into her dark imploring gaze as she knelt on the floor to grapple Elway close. Her childish gesture and panicked eyes stoked emotions he’d just buried.

While he waited for her to get to her feet, Pike grabbed hold of every professional mannerism he could. Somewhat stiffly, Mrs. Densmore reached out to comfort her daughter, but Daisy shoved away the embrace.

Pike took a deep breath. Well, he had offered to tell Daisy himself. “Daisy, between his kidneys, Elway’s got an inoperable malignant tumor. It’s called hemangiosarcoma.”

Wild-eyed, she grabbed Pike’s hand, and the touch scorched him. “What?”

He repeated the unhappy news.

“Inoperable? Why can’t you operate?”

The question stunned him. Did she really think he had some other choice? “It’s positioned too dangerously between the kidneys. And worse.” He sighed. “Worse, it’s metastasized. Spread. Trust me on this.”

She bristled. “You think he’s going to die?”

Pike knew the odds and told Daisy what he hadn’t been able to tell her mother.

“I’m sorry. Yes.”

Her squeal of pain sliced into his brain like an earache. And he understood. The last innocent, uncomplicated part of her life would be gone too soon. He didn’t think he wanted it, but when she flung herself toward him, he gathered her in his arms, close enough to feel her pounding heart and smell her garden of long black hair.


So much emotion packed into such a short story! Daisy is so lost and just doesn't know how to even reach for happiness, much less where to look - and Pike is so afraid of what he feels and how he reacts to her that he doesn't know what to do except keep her distance. But sometimes God shows us His will and leads us in a way we don't expect or want to go...only to find that His will is indeed better than our own.

Wonderful story! 

About the author:

A high school teacher of American Lit and writing, Tanya enjoys traveling with her firefighter husband and spoiling their two little grandsons. You can reach her at and .


  1. Welcome back, Tanya! I'm just loving this series. I'll be away next week, but I guarantee if I can find a way I'll be posting about the next one, too!

  2. Donna, you always have the most interesting books. This one sounds terrific!

    1. There are soooo many good books out there I just have to share!

  3. Anything having to do with wide open spaces draws me in. I used to dream about living on a ranch. I look forward to the latest installment!

  4. Tanya, this series is such a joy - you've put heart, passion and depth into every character you've brought to life. Congrats, keep up the amazing work, and I can't wait to read Soul Food!! God's blessings to you, sweetie!!!

  5. Howdy, I am so sorry to be lake getting here. I clicked on the link but it wouldn't let me. But I'm here now.

    Donna, thanks so much for your friendship and support. I'll be away hurries. I just so appreciate you!

  6. Sharon, thanks so much for your kind words. Now that the series had been written, I admit I'm missing these folks! Hope you like 'em all.

  7. hi Marianne, well, I couldn't have done it without your friendship and support. I am sooo glad we met...maybe someday it'll be in person. Thanks for everything!! xoxo

  8. I really enjoyed this book. Great story.

  9. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I'll have more from Tanya soon!