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On the Pineapple Express,Book 2, Pure Genius Series by H.L.Wegley

Welcome Harry, and what a pleasure to have you back with Book 2 in your Pure Genius Series. And boy, they just keep getting better!

Back Cover:

In one of the most beautiful places on earth the ugliest of crimes holds young, innocent lives in its evil grip. An intercepted cell-phone call from a remote area on the Olympic Peninsula tells beautiful, brilliant NSA researcher, Jennifer Akihara, a group of girls will soon be sold into slavery by human traffickers. She enlists her fiancé, Lee Brandt, to help find the holding location and convince the FBI to intervene. With the clock ticking off the last few hours before both the sale of the girls and the arrival of a deadly storm, and with international criminals pursuing them, can Jennifer and Lee save the girls, or will their wedding plans be cancelled ... permanently?


"This morning I analyzed the data downloaded from my wireless scanner near Forks. Nearly thirteen days ago, it recorded an encrypted cell-phone conversation."

"Cell-phone conversation? You chose that location for your testing because there’s no cell service. But you need to—"

"You mean no legal cell service. When I had a colleague from Fort Meade decrypt the call, I heard
traffickers selling girls.‛

Silence again.

"Can you get the unencrypted conversation to me today?" His usual booming voice of authority had

"I’ll e-mail it from my cell when we’re finished talking. But, Petersen, the next exchange of girls is set
for tomorrow night. Can you move quickly enough to stop it?‛

"You intercepted a private call. That raises some legal issues we—"

"Legal issues? There’s nothing legal about that call, and what they’re doing is worse than illegal."

"You’re not thinking like a defense attorney. First, I need to analyze the conversation. If we have enough to go on, I can form a team by late tonight or tomorrow. But without specific information, no, I can’t
guarantee we can stop the exchange. If we botch things, we might never get a conviction."

"Lee is forecasting the Pineapple Express rainstorm to transition to a strong windstorm by tomorrow. The message indicated they don’t do exchanges if there’s even a small craft advisory. So the storm may delay the exchange and buy us a little more time, but we can’t count on that. We do know they’re holding the girls at an abandoned mill site on the peninsula."

"Where’s the mill?"

"We haven’t located it yet." She had lit the fuse on her bomb.

Lee plugged his ears.

She waited for the FBI agent to explode.

"We? Yet? Where are you, Jennifer?"

"At Lake Quinault. Lee’s with me, and we have five possible sites to check out."

"Far enough so I can’t stop you." Peterson mumbled. "So…you don’t know where the girls are, but you’re driving around to abandoned mill sites?"

"Something like that."

"Jennifer, you need to back off. If you’re right, these people will kill anyone who is a perceived threat. You could get the girls killed by charging in."

"Look, Petersen, Lee and I have collected some information. We’ve planned well, and we won’t do anything stupid. But there’s no way I’m going to stand by and let a group of girls be sold into a living hell. So you get your team out here as fast as you can. We’ll call you when we find the girls. But for now, Lee and I are

"You can’t do that! It’s too dangerous. At least wait until we can get out there."

"There’s not enough time. I’m going to terminate the call now so I can send you the intercepted message. And, Peterson, ten days ago one of the girls hanged herself with her own shoelaces rather than let these guys sell her. Lee and I are going forward. I suggest you do the same. Good-bye."


WOW! If you like romance, and you like thrillers, this story will keep you on the edge of your seat, holding your breath as you slip and slide and slither around with Lee and Jennifer as they search for these girls. 

Jennifer is obviously not one to sit around and wait for someone else to lead the way no matter how dangerous a situation is. She follows her heart, and her heart is leading her to save these girls from a fate truly worse than death! And although Lee would rather be a bit more careful and circumspect, he trusts his brilliant fiance to lead the way (especially since he can't stop her).

These two make quite a pair! Grab a copy, you won't regret it!

Oh, and here's a special treat! For today only (Monday 12/16), you can get a copy of On the Pineapple Express for $.99 on amazon. Here's the link:

And in case you missed it, here's a peek at Book 1, Hide and Seek: 

A computer security breach within a US defense contractor’s firewalls leads investigators, Lee Brandt and beautiful, brilliant Jennifer Akihara, onto the cyber-turf of terrorists, where they are detected and targeted for elimination. Lee leads them on a desperate and prayer-filled flight for survival into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Will Jennifer’s pursuit of truth about the conspiracy, and the deepest issues of life, lead her into the clutches of terrorists, into the arms of Lee Brandt, or into the arms of the God she deems untrustworthy?



  1. Thanks so much for this post and your review, Donna! I'll hang out here today and see if anyone has questions or comments about this story.

    1. Great job, Harry! It takes a lot of diligence to cover the tough subjects. You did a wonderful job! And I love your strong characters!

  2. Wow! Sounds like an edge-of-your-seat kind of read. I admire the author's willingness to tackle a tough subject...

  3. Harry - it sounds great and what a deal!

  4. It's been an interesting day. On the Pineapple Express hit #29 on the Christian Suspense list at about 10 PM. I want to thank Donna and the others who have taken an interest in this story. Thanks so much for all those tweets, blog comments, and posts.

  5. I've been posting some incorrect inf about the timing of the sale. I thought the price went up this morning, but the $0.99 price remains in effect until 4:00 PM on Tuesday, Dec 17, then up to $1.99, increasing a dollar a day up to the original price of $5.99. Incidentally, OTPE is sitting at #37 on Christian suspense for the Kindle this morning -- thanks to all of you.