Friday, February 7, 2014

It Is Well

In all the noise and busy-ness of our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that people have no time for God. No time to find Him, no time to reach out for Him, no time to feel His peace or joy.
But God is there…waiting. God is good. God knows more about what’s going on in our lives than we know ourselves. You see, He knows not only today and yesterday, but He knows tomorrow, too. He’s ready for your heartache when you need to lean on Him. He’s ready to share the joy you feel when you’ve tried so hard and you finally succeed. And most of all, He’s ready for you to turn to Him and say, “Forgive me, Father. I am so sorry for…not being what You want me to be.” You see, it’s not really about the sins, whatever they may be. He can forgive ANYTHING. He knows what we are, who we are. He knows the depths we can sink to, and the highs He can bring us to.
He’s the God that makes the impossible possible.  
You see, it’s not about church, or religion, or not being as bad as the next person. It’s all about accepting the gift He’s holding out to us.
Eternity! Can you imagine forever? Neither can I! But that’s a long time to live without joy, without love, without peace. He is THE WAY.
Don’t for a minute think it was just nails holding Him to that cross! He was waiting for you. He hung on that cross, holding out His arms for you! He's not hanging there anymore, but His arms are still open wide, waiting. He will only wait so long until the last one is called. Will you answer while you still can? 

My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin, not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more,
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!

Yes, it is well with my soul, how about yours?


  1. Beautifully said, Donna - thanks for sharing your heart!

  2. This started building in me this morning and I just didn't know where to put it until I sat down tonight. I pray it touches the one(s) meant to hear!

  3. Thank you, ladies! God is good! I pray for all those who don't know that!

  4. Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful...
    Wendy Davy

  5. Thank you, Donna. A family member came to mind when I read this so I'm going to pass it on. His Word never returns void.

  6. "Accepting the gift…" There is such power in that, and, yet, it is so often a part of our Christianity that gets overlooked. Especially when we get busy with the things that seem so much more important at the moment. Very timely word, Donna… thank you!

  7. Last night I was in a particularly difficult place. I reminded myself that as seemingly small as my issue was, it was breaking my heart. I remembered that He cares about the little things. I prayed right then and there in the noise...and a few minutes later he responded by sending a woman I have just recently me to literally give me a hug. She actually asked me if I was okay. I truly believe she was being led by the holy spirit. She had no idea. It felt like He was saying I heard you and I do care. I'm sorry about your pain.

    1. It still amazes me how much He cares for each of us! How every little thing matters to Him if it matters to us. I am glad you reached out for His love, Maria.

      And I thank you all for stopping by and sharing in the words He placed on my heart!