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I'd like to welcome a new author (new to me anyway) to join us today. Janice Cantore is here with her latest release, Abducted, book two of the Pacific Coast Justice Series. 

Ms. Cantore has a very interesting past. This is a woman who knows crime from a much more personal aspect than most of us. She is a retired Long Beach California police officer of 22 years (16 in uniform and 6 as a non-career officer). Janice Cantore worked a variety of assignments: patrol, administration, juvenile investigations, and training. During the course of her career in uniform Janice found that faith was indispensable to every aspect of the job and published articles on faith at work, one for a quarterly newspaper called “Cop and Christ”, and another for the monthly magazine “Today’s Christian Woman”.

Sounds like she walked the walk in more ways than one. 

I am very happy to share her latest release, Abducted.

Here's a peek:

After solving the Mayor’s murder and exposing corruption among the top brass in Las Playas, Carly Edwards is happy to be back on patrol with her partner Joe, putting bad guys behind bars. For once everything in life seems to be going just right.

But then everything starts going wrong. Slow to recover from an injury, her ex-husband Nick, begins pulling away just as they were starting to get close again. Meanwhile when Joe’s wife lands in the hospital with a mysterious illness, their baby is kidnapped. As Carly chases down every lead in a desperate search to find the baby, her newfound faith is pushed to its limits.


What a great story. Ms. Cantore had me guessing who might have kidnapped the baby right up to the end! And the relationship thing with Nick...and someone! My only regret is that I haven't read the first in the series...yet.

Amazon link:

Accused - available now!
Abducted- released August 1, 2012!
Tyndale House Publishers

Accused, Book 1 of the Pacific Coast Justice Series is also available.


When troubled youth, Londy Akins, is arrested for the murder of the mayor, he asks for ten-year veteran Detective Carly Edwards. Plucked from her normal assignment in juvenile investigations to assist homicide, Carly recognizes him as one of her mother’s church reclamation projects. Irritated by her mother’s belief that God can change anyone, which Carly views as dangerous wishful thinking, Carly presses the kid for a confession that will fry him and bring her a commendation. But Londy doesn’t confess. He insists he’s innocent. Further, he tells Carly he’s a new Christian, not a murderer.

Sounds like a great series. Looks like I have some catching up to do!!! Check out her Brinna's Heart Series also. I know I'm going to!

About the author:

Janice has bachelor’s degrees in Biology (University of California at Irvine) and Physical Education (California State University at Long Beach). She also completed graduate coursework in Criminal Justice (University of Southern California) and is currently a member of American Christian Fiction Writer’s and Sisters in Crime. She attends Crescenta Valley Community Church in La Crescenta California and while a few years ago she retired to a house in the mountains of Southern California, she currently resides in Glendale California in order to help care for her aging parents. Janice is single and has three Labrador Retrievers, Jake, Maggie and Abbie. Janice’s hobbies are reading, cross-stitching, kayaking, hiking, walking the dogs and trying to stay fit.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a peek at your series, Janice! I loved this one! Now I'll have to go digging into the rest of what you've got out there!