Monday, February 20, 2012

Make a joyful noise!

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Psalm 100:1.

I think we all know that music speaks to the heart - all kinds of music. Even more so when we are singing songs than listening, or "just hearing" them. Well, maybe that's more true for me than you. Only you know that. But music definitely has a direct connection to the heart.

Most of you know that I love to sing, to play the guitar, write my own music and lyrics...I just love to sing. It's such an expression of whatever I'm feeling, whatever I'm trying to share that it just pours from my heart. There are many times when I'll perform a song and when I walk away, I don't even remember the performance itself. I get totally lost in the lyrics (and the harmonies too, sometimes). It's like a message I'm sharing, or a story I'm telling - I'm fully involved, heart and soul.

So it only makes sense to me to be careful about the music I choose to listen to, and even more so what I choose to learn to sing and play. I have found myself at times getting totally caught up in a catchy, melodic tune - and then realize the words are horrible! This happened to me recently when I looked up the lyrics of a song I wanted to learn. It just sounded so nice. After reading the lyrics fully, I lost interest in the song. Now when I hear it, yes, the music still draws me, but the song saddens me.

Music must be used wisely. It's one more bit of the world that can be used to strengthen us, to mold our hearts - or it can be harmful, leading us down paths we never intended to follow. It can harden our hearts to circumstances, even mold our opinions of people and things. It's really amazing the power that music has.

As the Bible says, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matt 6:21 Have you ever heard yourself say, "I love that song!" Perhaps you ought to make sure that it's a song worth loving.

And then there are the Praise and Worship songs we sing in church - or in the car, or in the house...or wherever we go. Again, not all songs are created equal, nor do all songs do the same thing. Some songs are meant to purely honor God, some teach, some praise, some help strengthen our relationship to God and each other. Music is a part of worship, just another expression of worship. So when we sing our worship, just like when we go to our Father in prayer, we should be sure that our heart is right, and that our songs are also!


  1. I'll never forget you singing while on the trails of Silver Spur!

    Take care 7 God Bless.

  2. Love you! Thanks! That was soooo fun! And what a blessing! To hear Amazing Grace while we shared in the beauty he created all around us!

  3. Even though I can't sing,when I am listening to the Lord's music, I will sometimes get an overwhelming feeling from the spirit that goes right through my soul.So yes,people who do not sing can still feel especially blessed just by hearing and listening to the words..LOL

    Great post Donna,thanks for sharing

    Cindy D

  4. I'm sorry if you thought I meant you couldn't feel it. I just wondered if everyone feels stronger about a song when they sing it. In your case (and probably many others) I know that you listen closely and absorb the words. We all enjoy music in many different ways. It is surely a gift from God in all of those ways - especially when the songs are for Him.