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Resurrected Love - K.M. Daughters

K.M. Daughters is the award winning writing team of sisters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare. Their penname is dedicated to the memory of their parents: Kay and Mickey Lynch, the "K" and "M" in K.M. Daughters. "The Daughters" are wives, mothers, and grandmothers. Kathie lives in northern New Jersey and Pat lives in the Chicago suburbs. White Rose Publishing inspirational romance titles by K.M. Daughters include Jewel Of The Adriatic, Rose Of The Adriatic and the Gospa Journeys series. "Love heals..."

Welcome, ladies! I've just got to know, how on earth do you write a story together when you live so far apart?

Two critical ingredients are required for our team writing: American Airlines and email. We always brainstorm story lines, character development, and action sequences while we're together – usually walking on the Illinois Prairie Path (near Pat's home), on the sidewalks of Rutherford (our home town and Kathie's home) or along the Nags Head beach (Kathie's favorite vacation spot). We always sit still long enough to write a plot map or outline. We divide up writing responsibility for alternating chapters (such fun – even though we're a team we write all POV's), and then we each "go home", say a prayer and write.

And do you ever disagree on where a story is going? How would you resolve that?

We can't recall specific disagreements, so they must be minor. When we were little, however, frequent nosebleeds were involved…Pat's, Kathie wants to add. Since our brainstorming sessions last as long as they last, we're pretty certain about where we're heading with a story before we begin writing the first draft.

LOL You bully! Nosebleeds, huh? Shame on you!

Do you have certain parts of the writing and editing that each of you do, and does that ever vary?

We alternate chapter writing responsibility and edit each other's chapters as the first draft is created. Pat keeps the master manuscript and she line edits the entire manuscript, also, during the draft stage. Once we complete writing the first draft, Pat does another wholesale edit and then we get together for a read through – aloud. This gives us the opportunity to edit together. We rarely deviate from this process, although occasionally we'll write two sequential chapters, or flipflop responsibility if the characters talk to one of us more than the other at that point.

We're very different women in many ways – for instance, as writers, Kathie hears her characters most often and Pat clearly sees them. But we are extremely connected and similar in all the ways that matter to us. We share a strong faith in God and strive to perfect our relationship with Him in our daily lives. Our inspirational novels and novellas allow us to celebrate our shared love of God and venerate His love for all of us.

Well, what a pleasure it is to have you here. And I see you've brought along your lovely story Resurrected Love. I really enjoyed it and I'm oh so happy to share a little bit about it, with your permission of course...

Well, of course we don't long as you say something nice.

LOL Makes me think of Bambi and Thumper...if you ain't got nothin' nice to say...

But fortunately I have NOTHING BUT nice things to say about this story!


Jack and Beth Dunne travel separately to Valselo on a good-will pilgrimage to support a local orphanage. Jack uses philanthropy as an excuse to see Beth again after bitterness and grief separated them following the funeral of their five month old son three years ago. Forever soulmates, despite the seemingly impenetrable barriers they have erected between them, will they find the courage to forgive and fix their marriage? Or will they selflessly love enough to let each other go?


"Mind if we sit for a minute?" Father Mark asked casually, as he turned his head towards the

seating arrangement in the forefront of the office. In a flash, the priest occupied one of the two Barcelona chairs.

Jack joined him reluctantly, the checkbook dangling from his hand.

"I’d like you to go on a trip with me," Father Mark said. ‚For now, I’ll just need one thousand, five hundred, ninety-nine dollars. That covers everything, including air fare."

"What?" Askance, Jack peered at him. " schedule...what’s the destination?"

"Croatia near the Adriatic. There’s an orphanage there in a village called Valselo, which translates roughly as sea valley. It’s a very special place, run by sisters who lovingly raise children to adulthood, rather than seeking adoptive parents for them. The area is too poor to offer a pool of prospective parents for these orphans, so foreign adoption is the only option. The Valselo visionaries founded the orphanage. They insist that these children should be raised in their culture, believing that foreign adoption would rob the country of its future. The orphanage needs a furnace...and that’s only the beginning."

Relief eased tense muscles and Jack relaxed against the soft leather. "I don’t have a single qualm about giving you any amount that would satisfy you, Father. I’d be glad to help right now. I don’t need to evaluate this place personally."

"Thank you, Jack. And I’ll gladly accept any donation you see fit. But I still want you to write that check and come with me. We leave Friday."

Jack knit his brows. "I’m sorry. But that’s impossible."

"Do you know that Beth works at St. Mary’s? She runs the business office for me."

A myriad of emotions coursed through him, shame foremost. "No...I..." How could he explain the wall of silence between them that had grown ever higher, and more impenetrable?

"This is Beth’s favorite charity, Jack. She pours all the money you send her into it and others like it. She’ll be among the members of the group I’m taking there."

My Beth. My love. The chasm in his heart widened. Guilt and grief winged inside him like swarms of angry insects. "Father, don’t make me talk about this."

A warm hand covered his. "I won’t. But trust me, Jack? Come on this pilgrimage."

"I haven’t spoken to Beth since the funeral. We’ve been separated for three years. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. We can’t get past this, Father." Tears stung the corners of his eyelids at the admission.

His gaze soft, Father Mark squeezed Jack’s hand. "Do you love your wife?"

Jack heaved his chest. "I adore her. But I can’t face her."

"Have I ever asked the impossible of you, Jack?"

"Not really." He grinned, despite the distress talking about Beth engendered. "But at the time, it felt like it."

"You can face her. And you should." FatherMark slipped his hand away and rose from his seat.

"Plus, I want you to bring that checkbook, son."

I love it!!!

Review *****

This is such a wonderful story! The beauty of Valselo, not just in the scenery, but in the people sharing this wonderful pilgrimage is amazing. And the hope and joy that seeps from the pages is something you don't find every day, just another one of His miracles, I think.

Pick up a copy, you won't regret it!


  1. Welcome ladies! And congratulations on your latest story. Resurrected Love is a wonderful story - beautiful from start to finish!

  2. What a great interview! I've loved every one of these books and am sure this one will be no different!

    Good luck & God's blessings Ladies!

  3. Fascinating process, I love the way our Lord works through His people. Enjoyed the interview.

  4. Good morning ladies! Early risers all. :-) Thank you for visiting and celebrating Resurrected Love's release. It was a joy to write and we're so excited that it's "real" today. We are filled with gratitude to White Rose Publishing for making this possible. Have a beautiful day and if you have a chance to read Resurrected Love, we'd love to hear from you. Blessings, Pat & Kathie

  5. Donna, We're so glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you, dear lady, for graciously hosting us. You are a blessing.

  6. Great review, Donna. I agree. The authors did a fabulous job helping me visualize the scenery and share in the journey.

    Congrats, Kathie & Pat. Awesome interview. Happy Book Release Day!

  7. Thank you, Dora. The release day joy never gets old, does it? Sending hugs to all you lovely white roses.

  8. Resurrected Love sounds amazing, ladies, and I can't wait to read it!!! You can't ever go wrong with a KM Daughters release. God bless,a nd much success!

  9. Thank you, all, for stopping by and being so supportive!

  10. This one sounds great, ladies...but the whole series has been that way! Is the last one?

  11. Lovely to "see" all our treasured sisters here. Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words. Yes, Tanya, this is the last Gospa Journeys installment. We THINK. :-) At least for now. Blessings to all. We love your beautiful stories, also.