Monday, February 13, 2012

Miracles - Joanie Hileman

Wow, it's not often you get to see a husband and wife both in the top 100 books listed on Amazon at the same time!!!

As you probably know, I hosted Messages by John Michael Hileman last week, and today, I have Miracles by Joanie Hileman.

And wouldn't you know it, I couldn't even make it through the first story without crying. Nothing like a good miracle to bring on the tears. In this case an angel...and yes, I do believe in angels here on earth. And I definitely believe in miracles. I've seen/lived a few in my own lifetime.

I absolutely love Joanie's comment before she begins to share the stories:

"It took two years to get through to me, 'cause I'm not the smartest knife in the drawer, but eventually I realized God can use anyone to do anything, if only we are willing to take His hand and go where He leads. And right now, if you are holding a finished copy of Miracles in your hands, it's all God's work - because I'm not trained as a writer, and I never finish long projects."

Isn't that so typical? Have you ever heard/felt God nudge you to do something, and you just shrug it off and turn away? Well, when it's something He really wants, He doesn't let you rest. A call from God is a summons. This is something He wants YOU to do. Yeah, He could find someone else, but there's a reason He chose you. Joanie, I'm glad you answered the call. Just another miracle from God's hand, trusting that through you, He could do it.

I think we've all recognized a miracle or two in our own lives, but here, Joanie has compiled 32 stories of miracles that different people have experienced. And although all may not appear as miracles to everyone, to each person what is truly a miracle may be totally different.

I know in my own life there have been several life saving miracles that I literally saw the hand of God guide/cover/protect me. Come share in a few miracles from other people's lives - perhaps it will help you to see the miracles He performs in yours!


A dying child counts angels in her room. A teenage boy stuns doctors by recovering from a massive brain injury. A bubble of protection surrounds a man about to be hit by a car...These miraculous accounts and twenty-nine more are recorded in Miracles: 32 True Stories.


Miracles is a wonderful compilation of stories that have been shared with Ms. Hileman. Several of them touched me deeply, and many others brought a feeling of thanks for God's wonderful mercy in our lives. I think this is definitely a book worth reading, especially if you can't see what God does for you each and every day.