Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspirational Romance - Stranded by Wendy Davy

Welcome Wendy! I enjoyed your story so much I just have to share it. I hope you don't mind!


When wildlife photographer Savannah Matthews takes an unexpected detour off of Belize's scenic coast and becomes stranded on a lush, tropical island, she senses she's about to encounter something wild and dangerous--something from a long ago, forgotten past.
What she does find, will change her life forever.

Scarred both physically and emotionally, Grant Duncan guards his privacy. Those who dare set foot on his private island come face-to-face with his fierce determination, and long-handled spear. But, when Savannah arrives, she challenges him like no other.

Will Savannah break through Grant's barriers, and convince him God still has a plan for his life?


Lord, I don’t want to die out here. Help?

God had never left her before. Surely, he wouldn’t abandon her now. Savannah waited, holding her breath, looking, listening for a sign the Almighty had some kind of plan to get her out of this mess she’d gotten herself into. But, the sea didn’t part. No clap of thunder came from above. The gentle breeze continued to whisper across the open water as the current sucked her boat toward oblivion.

Helpless, she set down the oar and raised her hands. “OK, Lord. I don’t know what Your plans are for me, but I trust You.”

The breeze suddenly shifted, turning into a stronger wind, and the boat changed direction.
Savannah’s hopes rose. After all, who else but God can command the weather into obedience? She looked around, anxious to see what He had in mind. Before long, a small island appeared in the distance. It wasn’t her original destination, but she didn’t care. She wanted her feet on solid ground again.

“Thank you, Father.”

5 Star Review

This is definitely a MUST READ. I absolutely loved it from start to finish (although I wish there was a lot more between those two points).

If you're looking for a vacation in the tropics, but you just can't get there - read this book! The descriptions are phenomenal. It's as if you're there, seeing it with your own eyes. Ms. Davy has a wonderful way of painting a moving picture with words.

For an inspirational (and yes, it VERY definitely is inspirational), the emotion between the characters flies off the pages! Your heart flutters along with Savannah's from a simple touch of Grant's fingers. From fear, to guilt, to empathy, you feel everything right along with them.

This is a classic retelling of Beauty and the Beast - and very well done! What a powerful little story with the wonderful message of God's grace!


  1. Sounds awesome, Wendy! Can't wait to read it =-D

  2. I'm sure you'll love it, Dana! I'll be featuring more of Wendy's stories soon.

    My apologies to anyone who tried to leave messages today. I know blogger was being temperamental to me and I couldn't get in...

    Thanks for stopping by even if you didn't leave a message.

  3. I'm trying now, Donna. Wendy, I love the tropics so this will come along with me next trip. I know it's a winner. oxox

  4. Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed writing this one! Thanks again Donna!


  5. Wendy, great job! I read and thoroughly enjoyed Stranded (as you know! LOL!) Can't wait for what's next from you! :-) God bless!