Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspirational Romances - The Covering

Welcome back, Dana! I know you were just here not too long ago, but now that I've had time to think about it, I wondered if Tessa and Gunnar would mind stopping by. After all, it's their story, right? I'd really love to chat with them for a bit.

"Who's asking?" Gunnar stepped through the door, holding it open for Tessa. "Be nice," she said as she jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow then held her hand out to me. "Don't mind him. His manners will kick in...eventually."

"Do I need to call Dominic in to act as a buffer?" I ask with a laugh.

"Some buffer. Sticks his nose in all kinds of places it doesn't belong."

"Be nice! That's my brother the cop, your best friend, that you're talking about."

"Yeah, your brother that brought some stray guy into the house and left you alone with him. I ought to rearrange his nose for that. What the heck was he thinking?"

"Um, yeah well, it just so happens you were that guy so-" is that how you met?

“Yes,” Tessa smiled up at her husband. “God orchestrated it all from the beginning, even before we met.”

Gunnar gave a soft grunt. “He has a way of getting me to do things His way. I like to think I would’ve won her over anyway.”

Tessa giggled, looking at him with such unabashed love I felt like an intruder.

What did you think of his motorcycle when he first drove up, Tessa?

Tessa’s face scrunched up. “Horrible. I mean it was impressive and genius!” she said with a quick boost to Gunnar’s pride. “But SO LOUD.”

And what about Gunnar himself? Were you ever afraid of him?

Gunnar’s face was troubled as he glanced down at his wife.

“Honestly…yes. But it wasn’t long before I saw him for what he was, a warm, loving man with the heart of an angel.”

Gunnar was obviously troubled by the question, so I thought of something quick to let him off the hook.

Were you attracted to each other right from the start?

“Yes.” they answered in unison.

“But I didn’t want to be,” Tessa said.

“Me either, we were too different. And there were too many complications.”

“My brother, for one. He told me not to get involved with him,” she said, hitching a thumb at Gunnar.

Gunnar slipped his hands around Tessa’s waist in what may have been a subconscious act of possession.

“But she came to her senses”

Her snort and chuckle was hidden behind her hand...barely.

And how did your faith fit into all this?

“Our faith is everything,” Tessa said. “It brought us through the worst times and sustains us every day.”

“Without Tessa’s faith I wouldn’t be here right now. God stepped in again.” This time Gunnar smiled. “He knew exactly what I needed. What I need,” he finished, resting his chin on top of Tessa’s head.


“Can’t You tell me who I’m praying for, Lord?” she asked. “Is it someone I know?”

Some moments later Tessa felt directed to turn to a specific though unfamiliar verse in the twenty-seventh chapter of Job. She ran a finger down the fine paper of the page, stopping at verse nine. “Will God hear his cry when trouble cometh upon him?” she read aloud. From there she turned to a verse she’d read the day prior in Psalm thirty-four. “This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.”

She knew before asking, “He won’t cry out for himself, will he?”

So it fell to her to be his voice. But try as she might, she couldn’t think of what to say.

It didn’t take long to see the problem. She was trying to use her reasoning to grasp the situation and as a result grew more confused. Confusion was not of God.

She commanded the devil to stop messing with her thoughts, then began to pray in earnest for blessings, health, and protection on the man’s behalf.

Strength to withstand.

The words came unexpectedly, an urgent impression on her mind. At last she had a bearing.

5 star Review:

What a great story! This book grabbed me from the very beginning and didn't let go till I was done. Tessa and Gunnar seem to have nothing in common. She is driven to pray for him before they even meet - and he is driven by inner demons he can't escape. I'm not giving anything away, but, oh, what a great weaving of a story!

This story is well written, with well developed characters that lead with their hearts. Great read!


  1. Hi Dana! Welcome back! And thanks for bringing Tessa and Gunnar. What a sweet visit we had!

  2. Thanks Donna, and if you see them again, tell them to drop by. They've been travelling so much I hardly see them!

  3. Beautiful. It takes a unique talent to pull off an interview like this. The Covering was one of my favorite reads this year.

  4. The Covering is such an awesome book - and this was such a clever interview - please give my kudos to Tessa and Gunnar, ladies!!! :-) od bless!

  5. Thank girls! Donna gets all the credit for the interview, she's a master ;-)

  6. LOL Yeah, some master! LOL I tried to post earlier to thank you ladies, but blogger was being...well, blogger...Thank you for stopping by. These characters were so easy to work with, LoRee, I think they're the bests characters I've encountered this year, too! Thanks, Marianne, yeah, it is a great book - thank you, Dana

  7. Glad to get to know about and get a taste of what this book is like. Will be watching for my chance to get to read it.

  8. I hope you do, Pamela, thanks!

  9. I guarantee you'll enjoy it, Pamela. It's a great story!

  10. I started to read The Covering a while ago.. Several reasons I just wasn't focusing while reading it. So... I decided to just start all over from the beggining. I'm going into the fourth chapter now.. Can't wait to read the rest and see what's in store for Gunner and Tessa.

    Cindy D.
    (Blog problems again )

  11. LOL - But at least you got here!!! Thanks for stopping by!