Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat


Well, if you're an avid skiier, then I suppose snow in October is a real treat. But if you're not, then this beautiful, bountiful white stuff covering the ground is more like a trick from Mother Nature.

Snow in October? It's been over a hundred years since snow has settled on the ground this early in the season in New England. The leaves haven't even had a chance to fall from the trees. So although it's quite beautiful to see the colorful leaves peeking amidst the snow, unfortunately the weight of those branches is wreaking havoc with power lines. Thank God it's not really cold out yet and there's no real threat of water lines freezing in the short term. This storm has covered a large swath of the East Coast. I pray you are all safe and warm!

In the true spirit of Halloween, I'm being hosted on

Happy Halloween to all!


  1. Surely a trick! Usually it's us dealing with that mess in Wisconsin this time of year.

  2. We had a wonderful Halloween. All trick or treating, no mischief in our neighborhood.

    The weather was great in NYC.

  3. Trick or treating has been postponed here until Sunday because so many people are out of power.

    Lisa, you can keep it! LOL November through March is long enough for me

  4. Unreal how this weird spell of weather has hit many people so hard!

  5. I do believe that it's just one more sign of the times...