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Christmas Eva - Clare Revell

Don't you just love Christmas romances? Well, I've got a great lineup for you, so stop by daily. You don't want to miss anything!

I'll start out with Christmas Eva by Clare Revell, one of my favorite inspirational romantic suspense writers.

Back Cover:

A voice in the light woke her from a coma. But can the man pull her from the darkness of her life?

Eva Anderson is trying to rebuild her life after a devastating accident. The first voice she hears when she awakes is actor Harry “Matthew” Lyell—A man she could love. But left in a wheelchair, she’s withdrawn into herself.

Harry Lyell often wonders about the woman he met at the theatre door and then again, when she woke from a coma. Trusting in his faith in God, he knows there must be something special in Eva.

As Christmas approaches, Eva and Harry's lives are drawn together in a way neither imagines. Can Harry help Eva find the Christmas miracle she needs or will a simple article destroy any future they might have?

Hmmm sounds like a tear jerker to me! I love a story with a lot of heart!

Here's a peek:

Eva’s heart skipped a beat.

Matthew Lyell opened his umbrella and held it over Hannah Daystrom. He seemed at ease with the actress as he put his arm around her waist. He glanced up and headed towards Eva and Sue, that trademark smile lighting his eyes. “Hello. You girls look soaked.”

“Not too bad,” Sue said. “We loved the show, Mr. Lyell. Could we have your autograph, please?”

“Of course.” He took her program. “And your name is?”


He signed it with a flourish and handed it to Ms. Daystrom to sign. Then he fixed his intense gaze on Eva. “Hi, there.”

Eva thought she was going to burst, and struggled to get words past the lump in her throat. “H-Hello.”

His smile grew. “I’m not going to bite.” He gently took the program from her hands. “Did you like the show?”

She nodded. “It was amazing. I actually felt every emotion possible, and you really made the part of Cedric come alive. Thank you.”

He seemed taken aback, as if he wasn’t used to being thanked. “You’re welcome. What’s your name?”

“Eva, but not with an A at the beginning. It’s spelled E-v-a.”

“Pretty name for a pretty girl,” Mr. Lyell smiled. He signed the program and passed it to his co-star. “Have you got a camera?”

“I only have the one on my phone.” Eva looked at him.

He smiled. “Would you like a photo?”

“I’d love one.” She fumbled in her bag and withdrew her phone. She pulled up the camera app on the fourth attempt, her trembling fingers not wanting to co-operate.

“Allow me.” Mr. Lyell took the phone. “Same as mine.” He stood between the two girls and took selfies of them together and then took one with each of them alone.

Eva didn’t even breathe as he slid his arm around her. She was sure she’d be smiling like a maniac.

“Have you got far to go?” he asked, handing back her phone.


“Not too far. Have a safe trip back.” He put his arm around the actress again and headed over to his waiting car.

Sue nudged Eva. “See—even he thinks you’re pretty.”

“He probably says that to all the girls.” Eva slid the program and phone into her bag. “We should go, or we’ll miss the last train home. I don’t want to have to ring Dad and ask him to pick us up from here.”

Sue nodded and together they ran the short distance to the tube entrance. The gates were locked.

“Now what?” Eva sighed.

“The main entrance is in the next street.” Sue set off at a run towards the road.

Eva followed, slogging through the deluge. Why had she worn such impractical shoes? Low heels—or no heels at all—would have been much better.

It was still raining back in Headley Cross as they waited for the lights to change, before crossing to the taxi rank.

Sue dragged her across the road. Then, a bright light approaching too fast blinded Eva.

A screech of brakes hung in the air; a car horn blared.

A thud.

Was she flying?

Darkness folded around her, cutting off a brief instance of pain.

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